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15 Destinations to Get Your Wine Fix on the Central Coast of California

It’s been nearly two decades since “Sideways” put the Central Coast wine scene on the map, but like a fine pinot noir, the area has only improved over the years. There are dozens of spots between chic...

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Bertrand's at Mister A's

by David N 19 years ago

Does anybody besides myself think this place is overrated and overpriced? The ingredients are certainly good and the view is killer, but the food preparation seems pedestrian. Am I missing the po...

Laguna Beach - Dana Point restaurants

by Marc 19 years ago

Can anyone recommend some good restaurants in the Laguna Beach/ Dana Point area? Thanks

Birthday dinner suggestions in San Diego?

by Steph P 19 years ago

I'm looking for somewhere to take my mother for her birthday dinner. Our preference is for somewhere close to Solana Beach, however, we'll drive for extraordinary food. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Sacramento - closed restaurants on Broadway

by Karolyn 19 years ago

Did some shopping at Target today and drove East on Broadway on the way home. New Edokko was dark and the 'Closed' sign was up. Hoa Viet was also closed and a sign on the front said that there'd ...

Poor Red's

by Christine Vallejo 19 years ago

Is Poor Red's still open for busines out in the Diamond/Shingle Springs area? An inquiring mind would like to know. Thanks.

Best food in SD

by Fine 19 years ago

Plan to meet friends from NM in San Diego early next year. Will have 3 or 4 nights and, since we live in SF, will want to compensate for their dearth of culinary choices in small-town, southeastern...

The Spot - La Jolla

by soccerdad 19 years ago

Does anyone know if this bar/restaurant is still open?

Ordering Citrus Fruit

by LisaN 19 years ago

I've recently moved to CA from Massachusetts and wanted to send California citrus as holiday gifts. I found Pleasant Valley Ranch through doing an Internet search (www.californiaoranges.com) Ha...

along i-395

by novella 19 years ago

sorry i should have been more specific on my last post. i'm embarking into eastern california on i-395. like i said, i love good truck stops, roadside taco stands, etc. so any suggestions would be ...

eastern cali

by novella 19 years ago

hi, i'm taking a trip through i guess what you'd call eastern california after a stay in oakland. any good, cheap, chowhound-type restaurants that anyone could recommend? i love diner food, mexican...

Deep, brute hot Szechuan in SD

by Bull 19 years ago

Desperately searching for deep hot (not hot oil in side dish or sprinkled on food surface after cooking) Szechuan restaurant in San Diego.

Gualala restaurants

by Michael Kossen 19 years ago

Any recommendations for eating out, any meal, in the Gualala area?

Any great Enchiladas Rancheros/hot sauce in SD?

by Bull 19 years ago

Please help in finding ER in wonderful hot sauce! What I am desperately seeking is not fancy, just super street food. But all I've been able to get are prefab, even pre-heated ones, causing the che...

Dinner on Broadway in Sacramento

by Karolyn 19 years ago

Decided to have dinner at Hoa Viet on Broadway last night. Got there and it was closed. Sign on door says "Closed temporarily due to fire". Couldn't see any evidence of fire. Does anyone know w...

organic produce delivered?

by Lisa T 19 years ago

GingerGarlic's post... [ I also participate in a Community Sustained Agriculture (CSA) project. For a fee, once a week, you get a box of organic produce (and sometimes fruit) from Annie and Jeff's ...

South American Snacks

by David N 19 years ago

I am looking for a source of good South American snacks in San Diego (i.e. pupusas, etc). Also, am looking for a good Cuban sandwich. Will appreciate any suggestions.

Ribs in San Diego

by David N 19 years ago

I have yet to find a really good BBQ rib in San Diego. Real Texas BBQ has great Brisket but only mediocre ribs (see previous BBQ discussion). The best rib that I've found is at, of all places, O...

Big Sur Area Update?

by Sandy 19 years ago

Hello, I am new to the board and very hungry and enthusiastic. Planning a trip to Big Sur this weekend and wondering if anyone been to Sierra Mar restaurant at the Post Ranch Inn or to the Bonit...

Brunello de Montalcino

by bobl 19 years ago

I"ve a couple of bottles of Brunello: Casanova di Neri 1977. Can anyone tell me the earliest I can drink them? I aint getting any younger. Thanks


by buddha 19 years ago

Very good asian restaurant. They have whole lobster for 12.99. Whole crab, hot pots, noodles,and dim sum everyday. A very extensive menu and huge restaurant with plenty of parking in The K Mart lot...

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