Cake Decorating

6 Foolproof Tips for Using and Cleaning Piping Bags

It’s the holiday season, and that means one thing: cookies. You might be participating in a cookie swap or looking to come in first place in your office’s cookie competition. Either way, you’re probably...

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Easy cake decorating for boys bday?

by sljones 9 years ago

I'm making some cakes for my two sons' birthday party, and am looking for very simple cake decorating ideas. I'd love suggestions also for the type of icing to use, and recipe would help! This ...

Decorate Your Own Cupcake?

by josquared 9 years ago

When I was in Ohio last weekend, my friend let me know of a cupcakery that had a "decorate your own cupcake" bar, with various varieties of cake flavors, frostings, and toppings. I know that can...

ISO East Bay bakery that will sell unfinished cake for me to decorate

by bgbc 9 years ago

When I lived in SF Destination Bakery on Chenery made -- and filled with chocolate cream -- a fabulous vanilla butter cake that I cut and frosted myself for a birthday cake. Noe Valley Bakery also ...

Custom decorated cakes for kids

by swissmissy 9 years ago

Hi everyone....I need help! My sons fourth birthday is in a couple of weeks and I would really like to get him a cake designed with a Batman theme. Location is no option....I'll drive pretty far ...

Cake decorating classes in Los Angeles?

by Miri1 10 years ago

I'm looking for a beginning cake decorating class in Los Angeles, (I'm in West Hollywood West LA, WeHo, Hollywood, Beverly Hills or Culver City are all OK. Saturday classes are out, please. Tha...

Getting into Cake Decorating

by Hassley 10 years ago

I am a culinary student heading into a baking and pastry arts program beginning in September and I am really interested in starting to build some basic cake decorating skills over the summer as a f...

Edible pearls for cake decorating

sam gagnon
by sam gagnon 10 years ago

Hi there, I am doing my friends wedding cake and she wants pearls on her cake.. i dont want to choke anyone with buying plastic pearls so i am looking for somewhere to buy edible pearls. All the...

Looking for frosting

by annmllgn 10 years ago

I'm looking for LARGE tubs of buttercream frosting, not the Wilton tub you can buy at Walmart or Michael's. Think "industrial" size ;o). Is there anywhere in the bay area... yes, i'm willing to dr...

Cake/cookie decorating class?

by sallyt 10 years ago

I'm interested in taking a cake/cookie decorating class - does anyone have recommendations? Thanks -

Which book inspiration for cake decorating ideas?

by Normandie 10 years ago

DH wants my Christmas list. I want a book on cake decorating that will inspire with photos of a big variety of styles of cakes. I don't care so much about recipes. If the book has a couple of go...

Pareve Candy Melts for Cake Decorating

by pkr914 10 years ago

I'm getting into cake decorating and chocolate candy melts aka chocolate wafers aka confectioners' candy are recommended for the decorating. When surfing the web, I can only find dairy melts. I'm h...

are there any cake decorating supply stores in the baltimore metro area?

by lisenu68 13 years ago

I am in the process of making cookies, and am bored, bored, bored with red and green sprinkles. Anyone know of anyplace I can find more of a variety? Thanks.

Cupcake Decorating Videos

by morphone 10 years ago

I've been making a lot of cupcakes lately, and my decorating is only so-so. When I pipe on frosting with a round or star tip, I end up with a mountain of frosting that is waaaaay too much (see firs...

seeking one day cake decorating class

by steve32 10 years ago

i am looking to take my girlfriend to a one day cake decorating class. she loves the idea of cake decorating and it would be a great to see if she is really interested in persuing the idea. If p...

Plastic cake decorating bags--need help

by chowser 10 years ago

Against my better judgement, I'm giving a cake decorating party for my daughter--with 9 girls. Cakes made and frosted, one per girl. I decided to use shortening buttercream for them to learn with ...

Help me 'cheat' with a good cake decorating idea

by mocro 10 years ago

This weekend we're taking lunch and a mobile mini 'pre-party' to the home of our super-cool aunt and uncle who will soon be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. They're not foodies and don'...

Cake decorating classes?

by tashistation 10 years ago

Hi! I'm looking to take some cake decorating classes in Austin. I'm not a total beginner (although I have a lot to learn) so don't want to do the Wilton classes at Michael's, instead I rather l...

MSP cake decorating supply?

by slowfoodgrrl 10 years ago

Hi all, Looking for a place to purchase some cake decor supplies, including cake boards and perhaps fruit essences for buttercream, etc. Looks like Sweet Celebrations locations in Edina and Map...

Cake Decorating Classes in SF?

by shobasf 13 years ago

Does anyone know where I can take cake decorating classes in SF? I've always wanted to learn how to use the various icing tips, piping techniques, make frosting flowers, etc. I've looked at sur...