What Is Bulletproof Coffee & Is It Actually Good for You?

Like green juice or a wheatgrass shot, bulletproof coffee is both a beverage and a lifestyle statement. A mixture of coffee, butter (sometimes ghee), and coconut oil (or MCT oil), this cult favorite...

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Coleslaw Dressing

by kahakai 1 year ago

Have a mayonnaise based dressing on my potato salad so don't want mayo on my coleslaw. A while back I had a unique coleslaw dressing that had melted butter in it that was really good but I can't f...

Searching for SALTED Cultured Butter

by estufarian 1 year ago

For some reason, the SALTED version of cultured butter has disappeared from the shelves – unsalted is in good supply. The usual product was by Lactantia (price typically $6.99 for a lb; $7.19 in...

Fried egg, crispy egg, soft egg?

by Chandler114 1 year ago

Sometimes when I go to make an egg, be it sunny side up or over easy/medium/hard, the egg is this beautiful, white, glossy oval. Almost like something out of a cartoon. (Then sometimes I can't make...

Where to buy cultured butter in the South?

by bsugarcream 2 years ago

I am having a hard time finding cultured butter. None at Publix or Kroger. I live in Nashville. Other options would be Trader Joe's, Fresh Market and Whole Foods.

Normandy Butter

by elizabt 1 year ago

My husband and I will be touring Normandy and Brittany mid-June. In addition to Yves Bordier butter, are there other butter maker artisans worth trying and/ or visiting?

Where to buy Dairyland Grand Reserve?

by lifeofpie 1 year ago

Hi there — I’m not a chef or restaurateur, so I can’t really swing buying a case of 36 lbs. on the Chef’s Warehouse site. Does anyone know where I can buy one pound, preferably in NYC (vs. online)?

Land O Lakes European butter, anyone tried?

by mushroomaffairs 2 years ago

I bought some and baked cc cookies w/ it. They got significantly brown in 10 minutes vs 12 minutes at 350 so I pulled them out. They looked like they were going to burn and was surprised at how b...

Butter Not Browning?

by carolinaryan 4 years ago

So I have browned butter quite a few times (100+). Never had any issues before. Done it from frozen and refrigerated butter Yesterday I used 1/2 lb of European style butter, 1/2 pound regular. It...

Best Butter for Caramels

by johnson4sum 2 years ago

What is considered the best brand of butter that should be used in making Caramel chews?


by kobewright79 2 years ago

I have given homemade caramel a go and it was surprisingly easy and it is delicious. I managed to keep it from becoming grainy and crystallized. I definitely recommend giving this one a try, it’s s...

Anyone else have trouble creaming butter and sugar in a kitchenaid?

by loukoumades 10 years ago

Recipes always say to beat softened butter and sugar until pale and fluffy. I can never get this in my kitchenaid. Butter and sugar form a thick paste that coats the walls of the bowl where the bea...

Commercial butter in molded in turkey shape

by ThorNYC 2 years ago

Has anyone found or seen in Manhattan supermarkets butter molded in the shape of turkeys? I'd like to get some for my Friendsgiving dinner. Thanks!

RE: where to find European style butter

by cherrytreegirl 15 years ago

I read all the posts in the recent thread on this, but i still can't find European style butter in the city. I looked at Pusateri's and didn't see it. Could someone please tell me a specific brand,...

Haitian Butter?

by zackly 2 years ago

Anyone familiar with Haitian butter or this brand Lily Chandler in particular? An ad for it popped up on Facebook but not a lot of info on the web.

Discard milk solids?

by bacon 11 years ago

Most instructions for clarified butter recommend discarding the milk solids. I hate waste. Butter is expensive and the milk solids do contribute to flavour; so I occasionaly add them back into a...

Compound/Herb/Basil Butter – Many Questions

by DonnaMarieNJ 2 years ago

I have an armload of herbs and want to preserve them as best I can. My first thought was making a butter (freeze in ice cube trays) – the rest, I will probably dry. For the butter – how much ...

Jacobs Creamery @ Portland Farmers Market at PSU

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

After our biscuit breakfast at Pine State https://www.chowhound.com/post/pine-state-biscuits-schuyler-eliot-ne-portland-1076068 , we headed to Portland State University for the Saturday morning far...

Storing butter outside of fridge

by SIMIHOUND 7 years ago

My wife has run into two people this week that store their butter on the counter or in the cupboard to keep the butter soft for spreading. I have read a few articles and the ones that say it is saf...

Trouble with biscuits - please help!

by katelaine 2 years ago

Hoping someone can help me figure out what is happening with my biscuits lately! I've been making them for years, usually using the recipe from Joy of Cooking, and I've never had any issues. Th...

European style butter vs. regular every day U.S.butter

by Kristine 16 years ago

Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I've never had it, and there are quite a few postings that mention it (from Trader Joes of course)So I would like to give it a try. My question is what exactly ...