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Need a spot for a business dinner? Get recommendations from Chowhounds for the best restaurants in your area, and ask questions about the seating capacity, cuisine, and ambiance you need.

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High-end business dinner

by Nosher 17 years ago

I have to organize a high-end business dinner for about 30 people, mostly from the U.S. and Europe. We would prefer a private room, or at least a sectioned area within the restaurant. Innovative c...

business dinner near Baltimore's inner harbor

by Derek 17 years ago

Hi all, Sorry if this has come up before -- had some trouble searching the board. I'll be in Baltimore for a conference late next week, staying at the Wyndham Inner Harbor, and need to book a re...

Pazo, Q56, Tao...Trendy Business Dinner/Drinks

by jp 17 years ago

I am looking for a sceney / good place to go near City Group Center for dinner/drinks tonight with 3 clients. I have received recommendations for the restaurants in the subject, but am looking for...

Business Dinner

by anndillman 17 years ago

Help-I need a restaurant, not too expensive, in the downtown area or even on the waterfront for about 20 persons for a business dinner.

business dinner recommendation near Century City, please

by dickson d 17 years ago

Hi, I need to host a business dinner near the Century City Plaza Hotel next week for about 20 people. I am looking for something good, intersting, and as economical as possible (while still main...

business dinner in Villa park/Fullerton reccomendations

by DIANE 17 years ago

Taking a business client and his wife to dinner. Can anyone recommend a fun and wonderful place in this area? I just don't know this area. the only place i know is that restaurant on the hill in...

Bellingham Business Dinner

by Rebecca 17 years ago

I am going to Bellingham for a casual business dinner, can anyone recommend a good spot?

casual business dinner

by Binnie 17 years ago

i am looking for a place to take clients near the Javits center, casual and quiet, or in the Wall street area...Help!

Downtown recs for business dinner

by Reney 17 years ago

Help! I couldn't get a ressy at the Harrison for tonight, and I need a good substitute in the area, definitely below Canal st. Cost not an issue, but I'd like a place with a decent bar! Any sugg...

Rosemont vicinity-business dinner: help?

by Steve Drucker 17 years ago

A very important week night business dinner with a Korean-American colleague/customer. Starting point is I-90 and River Road, post rush hour. Italian, exceptional Korean (it makes sense to dri...

Need help, business dinner

by Judith Hurley 17 years ago

I need a place for what is likely to be a dinner but could be a lunch for business-related guests from France. I'd like to stay away from French food. California or California-Asian would be perfec...

Sobe restaurants for business dinner

by Ed from Needham, Ma. 17 years ago

Have a business meeting in Sobe in Sept. Need to find a restaurant for about 20 people that doesn't break the bank. Any suggestions?

The right business dinner

by Alan g 17 years ago

Need to find a good place on the upper east side (70's to 80's). Should be a comfortable place where you can talk and not be rushed. Food is important. I'd like to move away from the top top ex...

Atlanta suggestions - business dinner for 25

by Gus 17 years ago

Am hosting a "social" business dinner for 25 colleagues in a couple of weeks. Would appreciate restaurant suggestions. Facility - Will require private or semi-private dining room, ideally with...

Need Chicago business dinner recommendation

by Hastings Pudding 17 years ago

I am in Chicago for 1 night. I need some solid recommendations for a good table for dinner with a business colleague or two. Been to Trotter's. Been to Tru. Been to the very good (famous owner) ...

Business Dinner in Tokyo

by Michael M. 17 years ago

Does anyone have any quick suggestions for a restaurant that 1) Is quiet/private enough to talk business. 2) Has tables large enough for six not-small foreigners. 3) Will be around 15,000 yen a ...

Conversation-friendly Business Dinner

by Guy 17 years ago

I'm looking for a place to go for a business dinner which is conducive to conversation. The people that i'm taking out are not from NYC and would not appreciate the typical crowded new york place....

business dinner for a party of 8 - 12

by lucy 17 years ago

Can anyone recommend a place for a large business dinner. A nice place that is not stuffy. Price is not an issue. Needs to have some staple options on the menu for a couple of non-adventurous eater...

Moderate priced business dinners in Seattle?

by D_DinDin 18 years ago

My DH is a frequent poster on Chowhound & we've enjoyed many excellent dining experiences thanks to all you guys' recs. Now I'm planning a visit to Seattle on business, staying at the Sheraton Towe...

Need a great restaurant in or near Farmington, Conn for business dinner

by Scott K 18 years ago

If anyone could reccomend a great restaurant in or within 20 min of Farmington, Conn for a business dinner, I would greatly appreciate it.

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