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Everyone has their opinion on what makes a perfect burger. Get recipe and grilling tips from fellow Chowhounds, and join the conversation to share your thoughts on everything from the bun to the blend to the cheese.

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Jay's Stuffed Burgers in Plymouth, MI

by GrueLurks 4 years ago Anyone been to this place yet? I do love a Jucy Lucy if the burger quali...

rainsux commented 19 hours ago

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Ribs Cooking class in Twin Cities

by MargoJDavies 1 day ago

Hi. We are looking for a cooking class for the most delious ribs. We are not big ribs eaters/ cookers but would lo...

Best American Style Burgers in Sydney?

by chriswaghorn 6 days ago

I'm on a search for the best American style burgers in Sydney. You know the ones with large slabs of meat, melted che...

PhilD commented 3 days ago

What's the difference between a Big Mac and the Bob's Big Boy Classic burger?

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

This recent thread on the Los Angeles board on a recent opening of a Bob's Big Boy


Big N Fat commented 6 days ago

burgers and the like on the coast [Seaside/Cannon Beach]

by conradical 4 years ago

Seems like there was a thread about good casual burger type places in Seaside (near the golf course?) and/or Cannon B...


GH1618 commented 9 days ago

Where to find Amylu's Caramelized Onion Chicken Burgers with Red Bell Peppers & Gouda Cheese?

by rockhead 2 years ago

I've never tried these but a few friends have recommended them. They said Costco carried them and I recall seeing the...


sumrtym commented 10 days ago

The party's over, what do I do with leftover hamburgers?

by Coyote 13 years ago

I have several grilled, medium rare, hamburger patties leftover. Just salt and pepper and garlic seasoning on them. ...


Querencia commented 11 days ago

"Sliders": Why have restaurants embraced such a disgusting name?

by llamarama 8 years ago

A major topic of conversation on my trip back home last weekend was the new brewpub down the street, and their amazin...


dukecola commented 18 days ago

Help me with my Big Mac Challenge

by The_Libster 25 days ago

My Boyfriend thinks I can't make a burger as good as a big mac. I have never made a burger for him before. So to prov...

carophil11 commented 21 days ago

Steak N'Shake Hamburg Recipe?

by achilles007 4 years ago

Anyone know of a proper meat cut ratio to use in order to get that delicious Steak N'Shake hamburger taste? It's w...


rxlady commented 24 days ago

Old timey Pittsburgh Recs, Please

by cajungwailo 1 month ago

Weekend visit coming up, like old timey places, only exploring burgers, pizza, hot dogs, cafeterias, and diners this ...


Burghfeeder commented 25 days ago

Cooked hamburgers left out - can they be eaten?

by cackalackie 9 years ago

We grilled out burgers yesterday and set up the buffet inside the house. When I was putting things away a few hours l...


juliedhart commented 27 days ago

Burger Heaven

by Frank Language 19 years ago

I've been working on the Upper East Side, a neighborhood that makes me feel like Rip Van Winkle because when I was ...


gabe59 commented 28 days ago

Pork Loin, Filet, Bacon SIN BURGER

by seanspec 1 month ago

So I am about to do the worst thing ever as an amatuer cook. I am about to grind these four ingredients together and ...


seanspec commented 1 month ago

Bacon Avocado burgers in Los Angeles

by ohso 1 month ago

Looking for an old school "char grilled" burger joint that does the best- My research has led me to Eat That Burge...

efonsecajr commented 1 month ago

Beef Burger with Hint of Spice

by FoodFundi 3 months ago

Hey Guys I'm new here but have been lurking around here for a while with all the fantastic posts and great advice ...

biggreenmatt commented 1 month ago

NBG Burgers

by JerkPork 2 months ago

I finally got around to trying Notre Bouef de Grace (NBG) burgers at the new VSL location and was very impressed, bee...


JerkPork commented 2 months ago

Bob's Burgers Burger Book

by syrup09 2 months ago

Yesterday I checked out Bob's Burger Burger Book from the library. Here is it's premise. Bob's Burger is an an...

coney with everything commented 2 months ago

Awesome burgers: new thread

by Niblet 3 years ago

It's been a few years since rchudy's burger thread so I'm interested in latest best burgers. I recently had one that'...

BostonBestEats commented 2 months ago

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AJ's Chevron Market, Natural Foods & Car Wash in Soquel

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

This summer I had a chance to grab a bite twice at AJ's Mart in Soquel. Located in the Chevron station and car wash, ...

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