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These Cheap & Easy Meals Have 5 Ingredients or Fewer

The only thing we like more than delicious is effortless—and OK, affordable is a major bonus. These easy 5 ingredient recipe ideas prove you don't have to choose when it comes to cheap and easy dinner...

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What's a inexpensive good to starter scotch?

by JaySanchez3481 6 years ago

I live in Vineland NJ what's a inexpensive good starter single malt scotch. I don't like anything peppery like jim beam, johnny walker. I did like cutty sark but that was just for shots. My favorit...

Naples and Amalfi Coast (With Kids and on a Budget) - Advice Needed!

by RickBehl 6 years ago

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask fellow Chowhounders for their foodie advice on an upcoming trip to Naples and the Amalfi coast. I know there has been a lot of discussion over the last few years so ...

Accessible dinner (price point $10-20pp and easy via subway) for ~40 people

by ramenbound 6 years ago

Writing on behalf of a group visiting from The Netherlands. Looking for a place to do a group dinner for about 40 people and keep it reasonably cheap (about $10-20 per person). Only other criteri...

Central coast seafood. Santa Barbara to Paso Robles on a budget.

by MishHana 6 years ago

Headed to this area for a wedding and have a few days to explore. Would love to discover some good, decently priced seafood places. Bummed to discover Pete's Pierside has closed!! Any suggestions w...

Are There No Good, Inexpensive Places In Paris?

by Hoc 13 years ago

After 3 days of searching here, it appears that every request for inexpensive food in Paris is met with responses about restaurants in the $50+ (30 Euros) per person range. Is that because there i...

2 nights/3 days with a tween and a teen

by fluffyfoodie 6 years ago

I'm planning on taking my kids to Washington, DC for a 3 day/2 night whirlwind trip. We'll be packing food for the most part as we need to stick to a very tight budget, but I would like for us to ...

Cooking cheap and healthy with gifted food

by HungrySenior 6 years ago

I am hoping for some inspiration. I go to a park 0-3 times a week and get free food that has been gleaned because the store is about to throw it out. The gifting organization is called Food Not Bom...

Help Us Enjoy NOLA on a Budget (Long)

by TerryG 6 years ago

So, my DH and I will be visiting for a luxurious 9 days --trying hard to do manage it on the cheap. We will be spending 2 days in an airbnb in Bywater and then another week in an airbnb on Freret....

London Trip Recommendations For Mid to Late April

by mikey8811 6 years ago

Hi I will be in London from mid to late April and have booked the following for lunches: The Ledbury Dinner Harwood Arms Koffmans Fera Kitty Fisher's This would cover 6 of the 9 days ...

Best Instant Ramen? (please do not mock me, pretty please)

by small h 13 years ago

I love ramen, but I'm feeling lazy & poor, plus, it's cold out. This thread is helpful, but it's over a year old, so I wonder if anyone has anything new to suggest. http://chowhound.chow.com/to...

Friends visiting from England and Italy- where to eat?

by veee 7 years ago

We have an English and an Italian friend visiting us next weekend. One is vegetarian and the other is allergic to all seafood. We (the hosts) are adventurous eaters and do not necessarily want to g...

Saturday night (price conscious) Mission suggestions [San Francisco]

by OliverB 6 years ago

Thanks again for the excellent Oakland rec. the other night - we had a fantastic evening! I'd like to get another suggestion for this coming Saturday night. My in-laws are visiting and they're a...

How to eat frugally?

by HungrySenior 6 years ago

I am struggling to eat on my budget. Can you help me figure out how to eat as healthy as possible? I am a disabled senior. My only transportation is a power wheelchair. The three food store choices...

Best stainless steel pots & pans set for $200-$250?

by johnnyscience 8 years ago

I'm looking to upgrade to a really nice set of all stainless steel pots & pans that will last me many many years. My budget is $200-$250 (or cheaper if there is a great closeout deal) I went ar...

What is the best set of budget clad cookware? Tramontina? Better Homes & Gardens? Kenmore? Other?

by spenceuiuc 11 years ago

I am looking for a good set of budget clad cookware. I have tracked down the following sets so far: 1. ($149.99) Better Homes and Gardens 10-Piece Tri-Ply Clad 18/10 http://www.walmart.com/ip/...

How to buy 50 teacups on the cheap?

by krp312 8 years ago

Hi everyone, First time poster here, got a problem. I'd like to buy 50 teacups (with matching saucers) for a bridal shower but I'm finding things can get pretty expensive. The teacups don't even...

chicken on a budget

by Shymeans410 7 years ago

Hey guys, hoping you might be able to help me. My project at work was ended without notice and now things are a bit tight around here for the next couple weeks. So, the grocery bills got tightened...

Lower end Scotch tastes

by Midlife 11 years ago

OK, so I think I know lots about wine, but I know diddley about scotch. I tend to like it on the rocks but (as with wine) there are tastes that I like and those I don't. I'm not really into the b...

Color me frugal

by brooktroutchaser 7 years ago

I am on vacation. Everything in this resort community is pricey. That includes clips to seal up bags of chips and pretzels. Six bucks for a pack of 4 clips? Oh, I am too cheap. But a visit to the h...

Local meats/eggs w/o breaking the bank...recommendations?

by bostonbluesgirl 7 years ago

Hi, folks. I was just curious where most people find local meats/eggs that aren't so expensive it's prohibitive? Unfortunately, I do live on a budget so spending $10.99/lb for chicken can be a bit ...

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