The epicenter of hipster food, Brooklyn's got more great restaurants than we can count. Get top recommendations from Chowhounds in the area, plus bar ideas, don't-miss lunch spots, and more.

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Grandma's Brooklyn Italian in Manhattan?

by Miriam 21 years ago

About a month ago some periodical--New York Magazine?--had a blurb on a couple of Manhattan Italian restaurants whose Brooklyn born and bred chefs featured the red-sauce foods of their childhoods o...

Korean... in BROOKLYN

by Chris Armstrong 21 years ago

Ladies and Gentlemen of the fair borough of Brookyn: We have a Korean restaurant. It's called B-One, and it's located upstairs from a grocery on the same block as Castro's in Clinton Hill (at 4...

Brooklyn Eats

by George Lynch 21 years ago

Anyone attend the big Brooklyn Eats bash last night at the Marriott? We went for the second year in a row, had a very good time. It was very much like last year but there were some changes. I t...

Best BBQ spare ribs in Brooklyn

by banu 21 years ago

Can anyone help me find them?

Good Chinese in Brooklyn?

by Rebecca 21 years ago

Anyone know of good, fresh Chinese food in the Spark Slope, Atlantic/Flatbush area?

Dining near Brooklyn College

by bea 21 years ago

I have tickets to a Saturday night event at Brooklyn College and am looking for a nice place to eat - good food and some ambiance.

Brunch @ Smith Street Kitchen/Brooklyn

by Trish 21 years ago

Has anyone tried brunch at Smith Street Kitchen? I noticed today that they now are open for brunch.

New Corners in Brooklyn

by harvey 21 years ago

I am going shortly to New Corners in Brooklyn. Any recommendations ? Thanks

Fireman's of Brooklyn

by Dave Feldman 21 years ago

Finally made it to Fireman's and had an absolutely delightful late lunch. As other Chowhounds have pointed out, the steamers are fabulous, certainly the best I've ever had in NYC. The New Engl...

Dorothy's: Brooklyn Soul Food

by Erica Marcus 21 years ago

Last night I stopped for dinner at Dorothy's Kitchen (1906 Eastern Parkway, corner of Herkimer) which I have been passing for a year. Got some tasty though extremely fatty (I am not a lardophile!) ...

a 90th birthday in brooklyn

by mark grossman 21 years ago

my surprisingly alert father, living in ManhattanBeach Brooklyn, turns 90 on December 30th.Family will be coming in from all over to celebrate.I need a special recommendation for a specialrestauran...

Clem's on Ave T in Brooklyn

by Nancy Ives 21 years ago

I love this place. They have the best sandwiches. My favorite is a roast beef sandwich with fresh mozzarella and their gravy...Oh to die for. The corned beef is wonderful also. This is totally ...

Rustic in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

by Dee 21 years ago

Any reports on Rustic on Court Street? I've read Grimes's review but would like to hear from others. Apologies if this has already been discussed but I didn't find anything among the threads.

Colandrea New Corner Restaurant - Brooklyn

by Patricia 21 years ago

This was a place my father took the family when we were children. One evening I decided to treat my children, who are very well behaved, to dinner there and on the way told them of how I knew the p...

kosher deli in Brooklyn

by Alfred Gingold 23 years ago

I'm looking for serious Kosher deli in Brooklyn. Does anyone have any rec's?

Brooklyn Chinatown Dessert- Peanut Inside?

by Sue Kalb 21 years ago

My favorite dessert has long remained nameless. It is easily found in brooklyn chinatown. It has a thick gooey rice outside that is covered with coconut. on the inside are salted peanuts... when a...

Long Island Restaurant (in Brooklyn) *long post alert*!

by Lauren 21 years ago

I tried the Long Island Restaurant on Atlantic Ave. at Henry St. a while back, and it's something else (on many levels!). The place is a complete time-warp, with a beautifully-preserved bar area st...

A real taco--in Brooklyn!

by Leslie Brenner 21 years ago

This is actually in response to Jim's first response in the Manhattan boards about "A real taco--in Brooklyn." I've fallen in love with a place on the edge of Park Slope called Tacos Nuevo Mexi...

brooklyn heights

by Frank Leone 21 years ago

My in-laws are staying at a Brooklyn Heights B&B(I don't know exactly where. and I need recomendations for dinner/lunch restaurants in that area. Qualifications: ecclectic cuisine, casual, mayb...

Brooklyn Delis

by mark grossman 21 years ago

Looking for jewish deli nominations, strictly kosheror not, in Brooklyn NOT counting Juniors. Toppriority: good corned beef and pastrami, goodhome made soups, some good hot entres likestuffed peppe...

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