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A Guide to Pumpkin Beer, From Colonists to Craft Brewers

Everything you need to know about pumpkin beer, including who invented it and how it's made. It usually tastes like warming pie spices; it reappears every year as we approach autumn; and it's incredibly...

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BJ's Brewery at Tanforan...

by cor 14 years ago

does anyone like their food? I'm thinking of having a take-out B-day dinner since there is no time to eat out on a wknite. suggestions for desserts?,as far as where I can go for a bakery in the area?

Good Microbrewery and Grill in Silverlake

by Panoz 14 years ago

Has anyone been to "Good Microbrewery and Grill" on Sunset in Silverlake? What's the food like? The beer? They have this banner touting some kind of mystery beer night on Wednesdays. What's tha...

Flagstaff: Pesto Bros., Macy's, Beaver St. Brewery

by Peter D. Tillman 14 years ago

Flagstaff: Pesto Bros., Macy's, Beaver St. Brewery The newcomer here is Pesto Bros., a pleasant Italian place inside a remodelled dept. store: Heritage Square? --SE corner Birch & LaRue, historic...

Farmington, NM: Three Rivers Brewery

by desert rat 14 years ago

Ate there twice this week. Here's my review: Great India Pale Ale. I had their American Pale Ale, too. Nice and light and bitter. Food - inconsistent. Great onion rings! Stick with the "pub" st...

New microbrewery in Brooklyn ?

by ee oo 14 years ago

I heard that there is a new microbrewery somewhere in Brooklyn called Six Point... need info... where? what are they brewing?

Half Moon Bay Brewery... thanks

by jay 16 years ago

I had read an earlier post or two about this place and went there on Saturday with some relatives from India. They loved it. We had the following entrees: Crab/shrimp sandwich w/fries: Exc...

Help me to choose the best places (lobster pound, clam shack, seafood, blueberry, brewery, etc.) between Boston and Bar Harbor

by kthan 14 years ago

I will have a New Egland family tour in August. The first part is a roundtrip between Boston and Bar Harbor (Acadia National Park). Due to the time limit, we only have two days (technically, we wil...

BJ's Brewery in SFV

by Deirdre Le Blanc 14 years ago

My significant other and I are supposed to meet long-time friends at BJ's Brewery - or is it BJ's Restaurant and Brewery? - this coming Thursday night. I've never heard of it, and was wondering wh...

Phatt Boys (Rock Bottom Brewery) Harvard Sqr. Review

by MaineRed 14 years ago

Phatt Boys is where the Brew Moon/Rock Bottom Brewery used to be in Harvard Square. It opened 18 days ago without much change to the echoing RBB space. The menu is extensive and thankfully much bet...

More ES Santa Cruz notes: Soft-shell crab at Naka Sushi; Coastline Brewery

by Carb Lover 14 years ago

I've been lazy about cooking at home lately, perhaps in part to the warmer weather. Did a little more exploration on the eastside by heading to the Pleasure Point area shops and eateries clustered ...

humboldt brewery... buffalo wing inquiry

by megan 14 years ago

I haven't been there in years (used to visit my sis when she went to school up there). I remember the buffalo wings being sooo darn good (and the peel and eat cajun shrimp). the kind of wings tha...

brooklyn brewery beer tasting dinner

by sweet as apples 14 years ago

Has anyone heard anything about the Brooklyn Brewery holding a beer tasting dinner in the Bronx on May 5th? I want to go but I'd like feedback or info. about the restaurant hosting it - Coals.

HMB Brewery – An Evening in Portugal

by Krys 14 years ago

It was a dark and stormy night … …. but inside the Half Moon Bay Brewery the candles glowed on the tables covered with white linen tablecloths making the tempest outside seem less threatening. ...

NJ Brewery Recommendations

by Michelle Stavrou 14 years ago

I'm visiting my bf this weekend in Newark, NJ and we're thinking of visiting a NJ brewery. We're looking for a place with good beer and good food, that's not too far away. Any recommendations? T...

Rockbottom Brewery: Aptly Named

by zaf 15 years ago

You’ve just finished the first day at your hill job (or nonprofit, or military tech contract, or whatever other traditional DC position you have just landed). You have spent the day filling out pap...

Where is Trumer Pils brewery in Berkeley?

by Andrew 15 years ago

Where is the Trumer Pils brewery in berkeley? And where it is available retail around berkeley? I'd like to get some of their tall, thin glasses. Thanks. BTW, it's a great beer!

The Rogue Brewery, Waldport OR---A Hungry Hikers Account (long)

by Eric Archer 15 years ago

Have spent many a Thanksgiving weekend in the region, festively eating and drinking on the Coast with friends. Thirty miles North of Florence, or so, nestled cozily above the crashing Pacific waves...

Oktoberfest at Capitol City Brewery - tomorrow

by Ilaine 15 years ago

OK, we've never done this before but the Chile Man sent us an email so we're going. Lots of beer vendors, and some food vendors. Admission free, $10 for a commemorative mug and two tastings, aft...

Typhoon Brewery

by Heegady 15 years ago

Any recommendations for Typhoon Brewery in Midtown?

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