Start your day off right. Ask other Chowhounds where to find excellent breakfasts; get recipe and cooking tips for eggs, pancakes, and more; and tell us what you like to eat first thing in the morning.

Oil, Butter, or Bacon Fat: What's the Best Way to Fry Eggs?

Sunny side up or over easy isn't the only important decision to make when frying eggs. Which fat the eggs are fried in affects both taste and texture. Oil, butter, or bacon grease—which is best for...

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Breakfast spots in Twin Cities?

by Kate 19 years ago

I am looking for exceptional,and little known breakfast places around the Twin Cities area (must be open on Sunday mornings) where I can take the man I'm flirting with. Doesn't need to be fancy, d...

(early) Early Breakfast . Healthy Breakfast too

by Lilly 18 years ago

Hello food lovers, As the gurus of nyc dining, would you be able to help me hunt for a place that... -is opened at 5:30 am, -serves, or cooks-to-go, healthy and delicious, creatively prepared ...

Newport Breakfast

by Chris 18 years ago

I just found this site, and this is REALLY last minute. I'm off to Newport, RI in two hours, and need to find a good place for breakfast (my favorite meal of the day). I prefer not to eat at a cha...

inns and breakfast between nyc and New paltz ?

by wemberly 18 years ago

We're heading to a conference in New Paltz (early May, if that matters) and are looking for an inn to spend 1 night. We love Beekman Arms, but they have a 2 night minimum. Also, an excellent brea...

Any Good Breakfast Near Foley Square?

by JimmyG 18 years ago

Nobody responded to my post about Lox & Bagel near Foley Square, so I am widening my search. Any good breakfast spots near Foley Square? I will be staying at W.Broadway & Chambers and walking to ...

Oddball breakfasts in Milwaukee

by Jeremy Osner 18 years ago

My friend Dave just let me know about his breakfast spot. Here's what he says: The place is called Murray Place. It's just north of North Avenue, on, er, Murray (2321 N. Murray Ave., Milwaukee, ...

Half Moon Bay breakfast / brunch?

by Aaron Huey 18 years ago

Hi all, I am going whale watching with some friends tomorrow in Half Moon Bay, and we wanted to do breakfast or brunch beforehand. Any recommendations? Thanks, Aaron

Saturday breakfast in Pasadena/East Valley?

by Natalie 18 years ago

I'm looking for a place to take a friend for a special 40th birthday breakfast. We want to go on a Saturday around 11am, and want to be able to make a reservation. I had heard Marston's was great b...

best place for breakfast around the Pennslyvania hotel

by Rob Edwards 18 years ago

staying this weekend (16/17/18 March) in New York for first time - fiance's birthday on Friday - need to start the day with a nice breakfast something romantic - however needs to be somewhere betwe...

Breakfast in Brooklyn?

by Wemberly 18 years ago

Going to Midwood on Saturday. Any recommendations for a great breakfast there or nearby? Thanks

great cheap downtown breakfast/brunch

by Jordan Gutcher 19 years ago

Does anyone know a good, CHEAP coffee/breakfast/brunch place downtown (preferably on the west side)? I've read the postings about the best brunch places, but I'm looking for something more everyda...

Breakfast @ La Flor Bakery

by wendy 19 years ago

We checked out breakfast at La Flor on Sat.; looked at Krystal, too (thanks Jeremy) but weren't up for garlic fried rice for breakfast. Anyway, we loved it. Great coffee, multigrain bread, and ser...

La Flor beyond Breakfast

by Mike 19 years ago

It is good to see such good response to the breakfast at La Flor in Woodside. Although I've not had breakfast there, I have had lunch and dinner, both of which have been excellent. I posted about ...

Breakfast eateries in downtown L.A.

by Sandy 19 years ago

I am looking for a good breakfast restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, close to Bunker Hill. I have been to the Pantry, which is good, but I am looking for some place closer.

breakfast in Queens

by wendy 19 years ago

I was wondering if anyone knows any really good places for sat. breakfast in Queens, or even in Bklyn. We schlep to Veselka every Sun. because we love it, but everything we've tried closer to home...

Nice, weekday breakfast place in Manhattan

by Christine DiBona 19 years ago

My husband and his father will overlap business trips in Manhattan next week, for just a part of a day and they'd like to get together for breakfast in Manhattan. Does anyone suggestions for a ...

S>O>S need bronx/breakfast help!!

by stephen kaye 19 years ago

pls need recommends on a great place for breakfast in the bronx. address phone # etc also if poss. thx much in adv

lobster tails for breakfast?

by gary shea 19 years ago

we had a lovely new year's eve dinner - lots of hors d'oeuvres, lobster tails and beef tenderloin. but we have some extra lobster tails - what can we do with them for breakfast tomorrow? any sugges...

Breakfast/brunch on Xmas day?

by CB 19 years ago

On Christmas morning, I'd like to have brunch...someplace other than a standard diner. Everyone seems to be closed.....anyone know of the exception?

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