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The Weirdest, Wildest, and Most Delicious Food Festivals to Get Your Grub on in 2020 

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Winthrop, MA

by Seth Ditchik 21 years ago

Are there any restaurants worth eating at in Winthrop, MA? Does anyone know anything about this area in Boston?


by Chris 20 years ago

Going this weekend. Anyone been yet? Recommendatons?

Woburn Eats

by Maria Eng 20 years ago

Decided to visit our best man/best friend in Woburn this Fri., and we'd like to spoil him a little. Any hidden gems out that way? ( He says there are none)

Lunch in Fort Point/South Station/Financial District area

by Corrina 20 years ago

I work on Summer St. and am looking for good lunch food for any price that lives up to the hype. I used to work in Cambridge and was addicted to this one place. I haven't found a place like that in...


by Stephen 20 years ago

cheap places for lobster and seafood buffet restaurants in the boston area

Anyone eaten at Caprice?

by Christine 20 years ago

I've been to the bar there, love the atmosphere, but how is the food? I'm afraid it might be "style over substance". If it's good, please let me know!!

New England Thanksgiving Feast

by Dan and Therese Sungail 20 years ago

While scouting for a good Thanksgiving feast, we found a message posted by a couple in a similar situation last year. Like us, they were planning to visit the Boston Area and were trying to make re...

Seafood in Milford

by Mike 20 years ago

I'm taking classes in Milford. The nearest Legal is 40 miles away. Is there something closer? Also, any other recommendations besides seafood places would be appreciated.

Prezza: North End's Newest

by Tom Stebbins 20 years ago

Fellow Hounds, Again off the suggestion of my dining mag girlfriend, my folks and I dined at Prezza last night, the North End's newest restaurant, tucked away on Fleet St.. It boasts a full bar...

Afgani cuisine

by Tom Stebbins 21 years ago

Chowhounds, I'm planning on going to the Afgani restaurant Hemland sometime soon. I've never had Afgani food, tho I'd imagine it is similar to the culinary stylings of my Persian friends. D...

Ukranian in Boston?

by Todd G. 20 years ago

Hi, I've been in the Boston area for about 2 years now, coming from NYC. Hands down, I like this city better, but the one thing I miss is Ukranian food (from Veselka or Kiev, for example, for thos...

Trekking from Maine to Boston for LOBSTER!!!

by Elizabeth 20 years ago

Hey everyone, My husband and I are driving from Portland to Boston with Lobster on the brain. We were wondering if anyone could tell us where the good (re: cheap and won't kill us)stuff is. Any h...

Pakistani Take out place in Boston/Somerville

by Raza 20 years ago

Hello list: A friend mentioned in passing yesterday that there was a takeout place in, I believe the Somerville area, that offered Pakistani cuisine (most notably, a spicy meat dish called Nihari)...

Takeout behind Biba

by Lee Hillmer 20 years ago

Having just discovered this wonderful site, today is my day to ask for help in getting the names of some food places I loved while living in Boston/Brookline. I already posted a note about the Japa...

The Federalist

by Sheryl Longin 20 years ago

Will be in Boston just for one night. Does anyone know anything about the Federalist? It happens to be in our hotel, so it couldn't be more convenient, and there seems to be alot of hype about it...

The Federalist

by Tom 20 years ago

I am interested in people's opinion of this place. I had dinner there this spring and found it not only overpriced, but rather odd, both in terms of decor and food.

italian outside the north end

by lynn 20 years ago

my sister and a colleague are in town for a conference the first weekend in august. being from virginia beach, they are anxious for some REAL italian. i'm hesitating about the north end on a saturd...

arghhh! and mi casita

by anisha 20 years ago

so first things first...arghh!!! i can't believe that no one has answered my question about breakfast or for that matter any other things that i have posted about recently. and the fact that the br...

There is Mexican food in Boston that is edible!

by Tom 20 years ago

Tacos Lupita, 13 Elm Street, near the corner of Elm and Somerville Avenue in Somerville is run by a family of El Salvadorians and serves great food made with loving care. Prices are obscenely low...

Need a good place for a large group in CAMBRIDGE

by Dawn Popp 20 years ago

I am planning a conference in Cambridge in a few weeks, and we are looking for a place to have a group dinner one of the nights of the conference. There seems to be a slight preference among our g...

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