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This West Coast City Hates Lunch & Other Findings From New Study

Ever wonder where your co-worker is actually headed when they leave for lunch? Turns out it may be easy to guess based on what city you live and work in. Ubimo—a New York-based software company—looked...

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Peking Duck in Boston?

by CambridgeFoodie 2 months ago

Yes, China King (Doris!) is the Grande Dame of Boston's Peking Duck scene. And yes, it's an elaborate 3 course affair (skin/wrap, homemade noodles, soup). But...it's getting pricey...$59.99....

Old age cheese spread

by lvario 13 years ago

I am looking for this cheese spread.. Was sold at a fruit stand somewhere in Worcester... That's all I have for details.. So good haven't had it in 7 or so years.. Anyone??

Gift for a fan of hardcore bitters

by jochaima 2 months ago

I'm looking for ideas for someone who really likes bitters: fernet branca, and unicum. I was wondering about sfugmato, if that is worth getting? He has fernet, fernet menta, nonino, Ramazzotti, ape...

Bakery Blahs

by pitap 3 months ago

Anyone have a favourite bakery that has stopped living up to its name? A favourite pastry that just isn't the same anymore?

Sanyo in Lexington

by justbeingpolite 2 months ago

Haven't seen any posts about Sanyo in Lexington, which replaced Yangtse River. It's pretty good for a fusion restaurant. The Japanese and sushi is decent, and the Chinese is good, too. Of note, ...

How do you eat a large Italian?

by Ferrari328 6 months ago

Having not grown up in this country it might be a stupid question. Having recently bought a large Italian on braided from Anthony's Italian Specialties in Stoneham, I'm baffled. If you try to eat t...

Thanksgiving Buffet Boston Area

by phred13 4 months ago

I'm sure this has been discussed quite often this time of year, but CH's search function would have to get better just to suck. Entering 'thanksgiving buffet' as the criteria I'm getting results fr...

Elsie's Deli in Cambridge?

by debonweb 16 years ago

Back in the 70's, there was an awesome, always crowded, very popular deli in Cambridge. They had the best corned beef on rye sandwich I ever had! Does anyone know if it still exists?

Dinner near The Huntington Theatre

by hotoynoodle 3 months ago

seeing quixote nuevo tomorrow and wondering what's good/new these days? the search function on here is useless and is showing threads from 9-13 years ago. my old go-to was brasserie jo, RIP. t...

Foodie Kids Menus in Boston area?

by acketon 1 year ago

Can anyone share any good restaurants that either have good kids menus with real food, or that is happy to do smaller portions of main entrees for small children? I don't mean "kid friendly." Ki...

Restaurant recs in downtown

by m3tan 4 months ago

Hi, We're visiting Boston for 4 days and looking for some food recommendations. We live in Los Angeles so looking mainly for cuisines that are distinctly better in Boston than where we're from. ...

Where to pre-order Thanksgiving dessert?

by midtowndc 3 months ago

I signed up to bring dessert to the family Thanksgiving dinner and I have no interest in cooking/baking for 30 people. Two catches: First, we are going to Boston, so it needs to travel well. Se...

Boston-style Chinese Food recipes

by Hytzipky 13 years ago

[NOTE: We've moved this discussion from the thread at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/329906# -- The Chowhound Team] We moved to S. Florida about 10 years ago and the Chinese food is awful. B...

Seven Star Mandarin House

by Alan H 18 years ago

This used to be my favorite Chinese restaurant. It was located in Newton Center, and closed while I had been living out of the area. Anyone know if the owners/chef/etc ended up anywhere else?

Kamakura Boston

by wu12 4 months ago

Went to Kamakura for lunch a few weeks ago, and wanted to write about it for folks who might be interested in what I ordered in particular. The dinner kaiseki's been written about more already, but...

Boston cassoulet watch 2019-2020

by youngho 4 months ago

I enjoy cassoulet. Unfortunately, it seems like there's been a dramatic reduction in the number of offerings in the Boston area over the last 15 years. I was happy to see that the new Rochambeau, ...

Khao Hom Billerica

by Ferrari328 2 years ago

Thanks to @greygarious for making me aware of this gem of a Thai place. I visited for lunch today and had some of the most well seasoned Thai food I have had in a long time. The Tom Yum Soup was re...

the great croissant hunt

by gutterman 14 years ago

I am embarking on a hunt for the best croissant in the boston area. Where should I go? I know about the big places, the cafe vanille's, and the flours but where else would you go. Is there a small...