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trip report/Bologna Verona Bellagio etc

by Sue 17 years ago

Just back from italy. Thanks to all for suggestions. Following is a brief report on restaurant experiences Bologna--most restaurants closed in August so went to Battibecco twice and enjoyed risot...

more info please Bologna etc.

by Sue 17 years ago

I posted about a month ago inquiring about Emilia Romagna but need more info. Husband and I have round trip tickets to Milan now and will rent a car. What cities are musts--will go to Bologna and...

Hotel, market in Bologna; Also Gaiole in Chianti

by Tater 17 years ago

We arrive in Bologna this coming Saturday and still do not have a room for that, our only night. It seems to be very difficult to find a quality room at a reasonable (around 100 euro) price. Any he...

short Bologna report

by Captain Falkenberg 17 years ago

I went to Tamburini, Trattoria Meloncello (Saturday night) and Antica Trattoria Gigina (Sunday lunchtime). Meloncello was full but Gigina had a few free tables. Tamburini is not an all-round food...

Bologna: information on specific restaurants requested

by Captain Falkenberg 17 years ago

I am going to Bologna in a couple of weeks and I would like comments from people who have eaten at any of the restaurants below. Thank you Posta Da Bertino Il Paradasino La Terrazza Monte Donato ...

Trattoria Boni in Bologna?

by dixieday 17 years ago

Having read good things here about Trattoria Boni in Bologna, we walked out to Via Saragozza, 88 to check it out. However, the menu in the window made no mention of Trattoria Boni and seemed to be ...


by marjorie zeidner 18 years ago

I'm off to Bologna where I hear the food is great. We want to hit the top two or three restaurants. Several that have been suggested are La Pernice, la Gallina, Bitone, Battibecco and Pappagallo. P...

Bologna and Piemonte report (long)

by foodfirst 18 years ago

In the spirit of giving as well as receiving, and bec. there is so much great Italy advice on this board, following are the culinary highlights of 3 days in Bologna and 10 in Piemonte, first time t...

Boar in Bologna

by M.K. 18 years ago

I'll be in Bologna in early December;am looking for a place that will be serving roasted boar-any places that specialize in game?Any other particular recommendations for cooking supplies,interestin...

Bologna -- enotecas, bars, and casual, less expensive dining options

by foodfirst 18 years ago

Inspired partially by posts on this board, we've just added 3 days in Bologna onto the end of a Piemonte trip. The one planned dinner is Bitone -- I will reserve well ahead. I have scoured posts so...

Bologna Outskirts Recommendation

by VivreManger 18 years ago

This may not help with the last Italian resto-question, but it is related. For anyone with a car and a bit of time who wants to try a restaurant about 20 to 30 minutes from the town center of B...


by ham 18 years ago

thinking of takig a quick trip. where?why? thanks

the best gelato in Bologna...

by dixieday 18 years ago

We're new to Bologna , but already we've got a staple place: the Sorbetteria Castiglione, on Via Castiglione, 44. Fabulous hand-made gelati (you can see them making it behind the counter)--a short ...


by Ben Collins 18 years ago

Good places in Bologna? I did a search on Chowhounds and didn't find much information. I searched SlowFood and came up with Giani a la vecia bulagna, Trattoria al caminetti d'oro and Gigina. Any ot...

Recommendation in Bologna, Italy

by mattylip 18 years ago

I will have only one meal in Bologna and I want to make it count. We're taking the train from Florence to Milan and have decided to stop in Bologna for the day. I'm pretty good at picking a place...

Living/Writing/Eating in Bologna

by dixieday 18 years ago

So, my partner's gotten into a graduate study program in Bologna, and there's a good likelihood that we'll be moving there for a year starting this fall. Any advice from others who have lived there...

Simili sisters in Bologna

by micki trager 19 years ago

I don't know if this is the right chowhound section for this question but please bear with me. I'm trying to find out if Margherita and Valeria Simili, who teach cooking classes in Bologna, are sti...

bologna help

by Jasper Joffe 19 years ago

I am going to Bologna in a few weeks. What is the best restaurant there? Link: http://www.worldwidereview.com

Bologna / Milan

by Justin Urcis 19 years ago

Hello: I will be in Bologna and Milan for 4 days in mid-August and am looking for some good restuarants to visit. I know this is a terrible time of year to travel, as many are on holiday, but I'...

Bologna restaurants

by Jennifer 19 years ago

Fellow chowhounds, I have never found this board lacking. But suddenly, I am worried. Is there no one who give me a list of the best restos in the city of Bologna?? please help!

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