Father's Day Gifts for Dads Who Enjoy Their Booze

If your dad fancies himself a stiff drink, quality cocktail, craft beer, or a great glass of wine, a booze-related Father's Day could seriously hit the mark. Check out some of our top picks for Father...

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In Desperate Need of PEYCHAUD'S BITTERS!!!

by meldrom 13 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find bottles of Peychaud's Bitters for making legitimate Sazeracs?

Where to buy Angostura bitters?

by Stiles 12 years ago

Looking to make some fine cocktails and I don't think VA ABC carries such a niche item.

cocktail book that uses different bitters?

by jasty 12 years ago

I just bought a set of Fee Brothers flavored bitters as part of a gift, and I'm hoping to find a cocktail recipe book that will call for these different kinds of bitters. Does anyone know of one?

I found Peychaud's Bitters!

by Icantread 12 years ago

and Carpano Antica vermouth in a liquor store out in Doral called . . . wait for it. . . Doral Liquors. address is 10409 NW 41 Street. I was pretty excited. I am posting in case anyone else ha...

Whiskey Barrel-Aged Bitters

by josephsm 12 years ago

So I have a bottle of Fee Brothers Limited Edition 2008 Whiskey Barrel-Aged Bitters. What do I do with it? Even the company's own website does not have any recipes. I'm not really a cocktail g...

Cocktails featuring Fee Brother's Bitters?

by TimeMachine 12 years ago

I just bought a bottle of Fee Brother's Old Fashioned Bitters and was wondering if anyone had a cocktail recipe they wouldn't mind sharing that was particularly good with this flavor of bitters. I'...

Peychaud bitters

by kenc 12 years ago

I'm trying to find somewhere in Toronto that sells Pechaud Bitters. It's apparently a critical ingredient in a Sazerac, a wonderful new cocktail I've discovered. Any ideas?

The Bitter Truth Celery Bitters - where in Boston?

by rlh 12 years ago

These are an amazing blend made in Germany along with several other interesting bitters - does anyone know of a place in Boston that sells them (or a website, for that matter - the source one in G...


by tempehtempeh 12 years ago

Anyone have suggestions on where one can buy bitters (amer picon, amaro, etc. - not angostura, which Key Foods carries) in or near Brooklyn? Why are they so hard to find? Thanks much.

Lemon, Lime and Bitters recipes

by smokeandashes 13 years ago

Hi all - Just got back from a trip to New Zealand and Australia where I had this drink. Does anyone have a good recipe for this? I want to have some friends over to bore them with my picture and se...

Orange Bitters- where to purchase locally?

by yvetteski 13 years ago

I need orange bitters for a potluck cocktail party this weekend, so I don't have time to order them from Amazon. The ABC store didn't have them. Does anyone know where to find them in the Metro ...

Kosher Bitters?

by Faune 13 years ago

Are there kosher angostura bitters and/or Orange Bitters or any other kind for that matter for use in cocktails/food?

local source for bitters?

by ScubaSteve 15 years ago

talking with friends about bitters they all seemed to agree that Angostura were the ONLY bitters available locally. i Googled around a bit and could not find much. do any CH's know of any place loc...

Confused with Bitters

by Icantread 13 years ago

I bravely refused any horrible puns. Anyhow, I live in an area where I am lucky to see Angostura Bitters in a liquor store, so I planned to buy some via internet. My first target was Orange bitte...

Buying bitters in NYC (Manhattan)

by avp10003 13 years ago

I'm trying to find orange bitters (and maybe some other interesting flavors) here in Manhattan. I know that Marlow & Sons and LeNells are options, but I'd rather not shlep to Brooklyn if I don't ...

[PDX] Where can I buy orange bitters?

by Freddy 16 years ago

I've been looking for a source of the elusive, near-extinct orange bitters for cocktails. I've only been able to find one brand, Fee Bros, and I'm wondering if there's anywhere locally that carries...

OK i admit it, i'm intimidated by bitters

by thew 13 years ago

I never know what sort of drinks they're good in, how much a dash is, and why to choose to use or not use them I have some angostura thats been sitting around forever (is it still good?) and jus...

Looking for orange bitters

by Chipotle 14 years ago

...specifically, Regan's or Fee's brand orange bitters. I could swear that I've seen the latter somewhere in a market in the South Bay or Peninsula, but I can't find it now. If anyone has any leads...

Just got my Fee Bros. bitters set

by jkv 13 years ago

Old fashion "aromatic," mint, orange, grapefruit, lemon, and peach. What (relatively simple) drinks can I make to showcase these bad boys? Thanks.