Get the inside scoop on the Birmingham food scene, from the best dinner restaurants to suggestions for where to stop if you're just visiting.

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Current Lunch Recs for Saturday in Birmingham

by TLF 7 years ago

Day trip planned for this Saturday to hit BMA. We're going to Hot and Hot for dinner. I've been to Bottega Cafe for Saturday lunch and liked it, but would like to try something different. John's Ci...

Searching for decent wings in Birmingham

by curej 12 years ago

Where do Birminghamites go for excellent chicken wings? I've tried the chains: Buffalo Wild Wings (embarrassed tiny little things maybe from a cornish game hen, nyeh), Baumhower's (awful...the sauc...

One night for dinner in Birmingham

by TrollKing 8 years ago

I'm in town for one night and could use a dinner rec. Southern and/or local food preferred over anything else. Money and distance are less important.

Southern Food in Birmingham, AL

by lynney 8 years ago

Hi, Anyone know of a casual, reasonably priced southern food restaurant to take my 3 sons to eat? Thank you!

Birmingham: Saw's not so great

by JimGrinsfelder 8 years ago

I went to Saw's Homewood today. I had good BBQ here a couple of years ago on a prior visit to Grandma's. This time, it smelled great coming into the place. Got some ribs, a pork sandwich, a ...

In Search Of a Flavor Of The Past - Hot and Sour Soup In Birmingham

by Jannae 11 years ago

There was a small Chinese restaurant up in Five Points back in the mid to late 90's that had what I thought was the best hot and sour soup. A co-worker of mine and I would go there a couple times a...

ONE night in Birmingham

by mattz2 8 years ago

I'll be in Birmingham on March 27 with a somewhat snobby, very French boss. Casual is OK, but nothing that's too rough around the edges. Thoughts? Also - we'll get the meal comp'd so price isn...

Birmingham recs needed please

by freakerdude 8 years ago

I'm a southeast Florida chowhounder here hoping to get some help. I have read most of the recent B'ham posts and am looking for the best BBQ joints and other places in town. We prefer mom n pop BBQ...

Suggestions for Asian food in Birmingham

by jmills 8 years ago

Would appreciate any suggestions for great Chinese or Thai food in the Birmingham Area.

Need spots is birmingham

by woonsocket 8 years ago

In a month or so will be in Birmingham for a week or so, first time so I need a few good family restaurants on the east side of the city. Thanks

Tacos y Mariscos Colima in Birmingham - where have you gone?

by Dalrymple 8 years ago

Has anyone seen the aforementioned food trailer around Birmingham? It used operate on Greensprings Highway at 16th Ave. but disappeared a couple of months back.

Birmingham Hounds: Let's Talk Meat and Threes. And how John T. Edge is wrong about us.

by deepfriedkudzu 13 years ago

Fellow 'hounds, I just finished reading a piece written by John T. Edge of the Southern Foodways Alliance (a great organization, btw) about how Nashville is the mecca of meat & threes "with more th...

Has anyone eaten at Arlington House, Birmingham?

by Thanks4Food 8 years ago

They are advertising a special Halloween dinner for $60/couple that sounds very good, but I've never been there nor know anyone who has. Are they good? They encourage costumes, but how would one dr...

Eater National-Birmingham

by smithareeny 8 years ago

http://eater.com/archives/2013/09/12/the-eater-birmingham-heatmap-where-to-eat-right-now.php Birmingham is mentioned in the current Eater National. They are finally recognizing our amazing resta...


by Candy 8 years ago

I posted a bit about dinner in Nashville at Husk on the Ky and Tn, board. Dinner in Birmingham on the second night of our trip was at Hot and Hot Fish Club. We've been to Highlands Grill a numbe...

One night in Birmingham

by rockbound 8 years ago

Hi 'hounds. I need some help for one dinner in Birmingham. Facts: staying at The Hilton. Have a car. With my 14 yr. old. Not looking for top-end (Highlands Bar and Grill, etc.). Maybe a meat-and-th...

chocolate milk in Birmingham gas stations

by HamOnMyBones 9 years ago

does anyone remember a canned chocolate milk that used to be sold in Birmingham gas stations? it had a malty taste and came in an aluminum brown and white can

Birmingham - Bettola's New Sister, Lack of a Full-Time Sommelier, and Chocolate Block

by deepfriedkudzu 11 years ago

The September issue of Food & Wine has an emphasis on Southern food; they mention that James Lewis of Bettola will soon be opening a restaurant in town where "he'll take advantage of his butchering...

Birmingham real tacos

by Big Daddy 13 years ago

Made a trip to Gordo's on Valley Avenue today. They may have some of the best real tacos in town. I got three: carnitas (twice-cooked pork), cabeza (beef head meat/cheeks) and lengua (tongue). Gen...