Fall Recipes Perfect for Those Sick of Pumpkin-Flavored Everything

Many of us have had it with the pumpkin madness. Enough already with these pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin cheesecakes, ad nauseam! But that doesn't mean we're anti-autumn. Oh, no. We love the warming...

Great Red Velvet Cake Recipe Using Beets?

by ninrn 10 months ago

I’d like to make a red velvet layer cake using beets for color rather than food dye. I believe this was how the original versions of red velvet cake were made. Does anyone have a tried and true re...

Pickles from the Garden

by OrganicCavalry 12 months ago

Anyone else enjoy fresh from the garden pickles? I mix it up a bit and generally do quick pickles. I love adding onion flowers and fresh herbs. If it comes from the garden lets see it...

Earthy Flavors?

by ___f 1 year ago

Does anyone have any ideas for earthy flavors besides root vegetables and mushrooms?

Red beets and possible signs of not safe to eat

by ziroks 1 year ago

So I just made beet salad for the evening but when I removed the water from the pot, it was a the same color as blood mixed with water. This has never happened before and the water tends to be a lo...

What to do with boiled beet water?

by CherokeeSmith 1 year ago

Hello everyone I'm new here and I was asking what to do with boiled beet water! I really enjoyed the response about the plants, and I thought about doing it in my hair as well! However my main conc...

Beets from a can?

by Angelina 13 years ago

o.k. So I went a little crazy yesterday at Shoprite's can can sale. I have 6 cans of beets and I don't know what to do with them. I was going to do a Greek spin with a vinegar, feta, oregano kin...

Undercooked beets

by texaspeppers1 2 years ago

I roasted some beets tonight then decided to do a quick slice and pickle before supper. Served the beets, tastes great, undercooked! Do I dare cook them more after the vinegar has been added? If...

What to do with beet water?!

by tinabeans 13 years ago

Hi! I am a newbie, both to this board and to cooking (well.. sort of. I've been stumbling my way through college for 4 years with a spatula but now I am graduated and trying to learn for serious!)....

Beet flour

by okkevindonna 3 years ago

I have 8 lbs. of blended beets left over from juicing. I am baking at 300 degrees to dry.. then grind up to make flour!

Peeling Beets - Best Way Ever!

by sbabin111 4 years ago

I love beets but not the peeling part! I tried the typical ways several times but decided it was easier to give up eating fresh beets. Recently, I was given several pounds of fresh beets. So I s...

Cooked beets OK for how long?

by MikeG 11 years ago

I boiled, peeled, refrigerated... and then promptly forgot a bunch of small beets about a week ago. Should they still be good, first in terms of food safety (they've been in a closed Ziploc bag at...

Best way to peel fresh beets...

by energy 12 years ago

ok, I've peeled, and roasted and I always end up staining my hands, dish cloths etc., and usually end up with a big mess, and hardly any more beets. Does anyone have a better method?

Pasteurized TJ's beet juice: "use within 3 days"?

by lisaleira 5 years ago

Hey Chowies!! I got some bottles beet juice at Trader Joes. It says "flash pasteurized". It also says "use within 3 days of opening". I was surprised and confused- really?? If a juice is pasteuri...

Any ideas for making beets more palatable?

by charmedlife 11 years ago

Trying to include more veggie variety in my diet and I know beets are so good for you, but I just don't like the "earthy" taste. Any ideas on how to make them taste better?

Beet stalks--how to cook?

by Caralien 12 years ago

We picked up some beets at the farmer's market. Currently, there is a pork shoulder (butt) in the oven at 200F; it will be pulled out sometime tomorrow. To accompany it, I'll cook the beet gree...

How to save leftover Roasted Beets?

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

Should I vacuum seal them and keep them in the fridge (how long would they last in the fridge?), or the freezer?

cooking beets

by kseiverd 6 years ago

Anybody tried cooking them in microwave? Good, bad, so-so results??

Pickled Beetroot.

by KrisHughes 6 years ago

I'd like to make some pickled beetroot this summer. I say, beetROOT, rather than "beets" because I've only ever had the UK version, and that is what I would like to emulate. I've looked at a number...

The Beet - So Long Brussel Sprouts and Kale, The Beet Is The New Veg.

by treb 6 years ago

Is the beet the new veg du jour? OK, I'm seeing lots of things beets, beet juice, beet salad, wow that's really new, beet jam, beet powder, canned beets, different color beets, beets everywhere!...

Roasted Beets - To Wrap or Not To Wrap

by mmmyum 14 years ago

i'm roasting some gorgeous beets from the farmers market but can't decide whether to wrap them in foil or not. what to do? what are the pros and cons or wrapping your beets?