BBQ Sauce

These Mango Jalapeño BBQ Pork Ribs Are the Best Thing You'll Grill All Summer

Ribs may take more work than hot dogs and hamburgers, but done right, they're definitely worth it. These smoky St. Louis pork ribs with mango jalapeño BBQ sauce may be the best thing you'll grill all...

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Ribs to Boil or Not To Boil

by kittykays30 5 years ago

I like to boil my ribs before slathering them in BBQ sauce and then toss them on the grill. :D How many people boil their ribs before tossing them on the grill?

Barbecue sauce as an ingredient?

by Multifoiled 5 years ago

I made a great barbecue sauce to use on some boneless spare ribs I grilled the other day. As I only used a portion of it, I still have a cup or so left. I know I can keep it until the weekend when ...

Moist and flavorful barbecued chicken breast?

by bblonde 5 years ago

My husband prefers boneless skinless chicken breasts. Unfortunately, I have yet to master them on the grill. I find they are bland, and I tend to overcook them (because, ya know, chicken) and the...

Best bbq coming to Chicago for 3 days.

by pochemuchkayuna 5 years ago

Hey everyone so I'm going to Chicago for a couple of days during and I was wondering if any of you have ever been last year to this pop up bbq place. If so, do you recommend buying a ticket?The a...

Travel review: Bub-Ba-Q Woodstock, GA (North Atlanta; also in Jasper, GA) is great food. Carolina Pit BBQ in Charolette, NC Airport good on the go.

by smaki 5 years ago

About my meal Friday night. Get the pork plate with added brisket. The two sides in my photo are baked beans and pork stew. I would have got a dinner salad with it, but had just eaten one at hom...

Non-Sweet BBQ Sauce

jen kalb
by jen kalb 5 years ago

any recommendations for a Texas style (smoky, chile, tomato, maybe a bit of molasses but NOT SWEET BBQ sauce? I am on a low carb diet and most of the commercial sauces taste (and indeed are) unbea...

Elliott's Barbeque Sauce

by sealbeachnorm 6 years ago

Grew up loving Elliott's Barbeque on Chicagos south side(55th). The warm donuts were served first before the sandwiches . Reason being, the BARBEQUE SAUCE WAS good enough to dip them in: what a c...

Suggestions on how to elevate bottled BBQ sauce

by letsindulge 6 years ago

No time to make homemade so I'm soliciting your ideas for a unique, and tantalizing sauce that starts with a bottled BBQ sauce. Plan to use on baby-back pork ribs that will be seasoned with a basic...

Korean BBQ Sauce: sell it to me!

by DLovsky 6 years ago

Here we go, I'm ready for Korean BBQ Sauce. I don't care about making it myself, for now, I care about which jar to buy while standing in front of the huge shelf selection at the Asian store. So go...

What did Lady Bird mean when she said, "1/4 cup vinegar"?

by Mr. Ningbo 6 years ago

I want to make LBJ's barbecue sauce, but I'm not sure what kind of vinegar to use. It's likely that the stores that she shopped at in the 60s simply did not stock balsamic, apple cider, red wine, ...

20 lb. Pork Butt needs to be turned into pulled pork...help!

by LynnPin 10 years ago

First of all, my only experience with creating pulled pork is with a small (2 lb. ish) crock pot method. That being said, we are having a party Sunday and I may have stuck my foot in my mouth sayin...

are there any gourmet/boutique food shop in Durham Region?

by fifthglen 11 years ago

Hi all. I am wondering if there are any gourmet or boutique food stores in Durham Region, similar to something like The Cheese Boutique in Toronto http://www.cheeseboutique.com/. I am looking for a...

Recommend a BBQ Sauce for Pork Shoulder

by ePressureCooker 6 years ago

Okay chowhounders, I need your help. I've received a request for some good BBQ sauces for pork shoulder, preferably a variety of sauces. Any type, traditional barbecue, North Carolina vinegar, So...

Back Back ribs suggestions for novice

by Diane in Bexley 6 years ago

Please help this nice Jewish girl who grew up in kosher home (no longer kosher) to make Baby Back ribs for Father's Day. I bought a big package of ribs from Costco and have a propane gas grill. ...

Country Style Ribs Help (need to cook tomorrow or they will go bad)

by ZacharyOToole 6 years ago

I'm just getting started with cooking pork and figured I'd give some country style ribs a shot. I have searched every corner of the internet (almost) and still am lost when it comes to cooking the...

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce

by SocksManly 12 years ago

I've heard this was the mother of all barbecue sauces... Where do I get some? Do I have to mail order it?

Help! I forgot the tomato sauce...

by cjc519 14 years ago

I'm making a BBQ sauce that calls for 11/2 cups of tomato sauce and forgot to pick up the tomato sauce. Is there anything I can substitute? The recipe also calls for cider vinegar, tomato paste, ...

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