Here’s How to Char Whole Eggplants Without a Grill

“Top Chef Canada” judge Eden Grinshpan’s first cookbook “Eating Out Loud” reflects her bright and bold Israeli heritage. The chef has poured more than 100 recipes into her cookbook—many that are familiar...

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Keeping basil fresh

by Mad 15 years ago

I know for most of you this is an out-of-season question but where I live - southern Baja - we are just now getting an abundance of basil. How can I best keep it fresh once it is picked? I have tr...

Basil Infused Olive Oil Contamination

by Frank 15 years ago

This year I wanted to Infuse EVO with purple basil But I have a concern of harmful mycological contamination. Any help on this would be gratefully received. Frank

Can you freeze basil leaves?

by Christina D 15 years ago

The weather here has finally gotten cool enough that I needed to harvest all of my basil. I now have a dining room FULL of basil that needs to be addressed. Of couse I'm going to make pesto for the...

garden full of oriental basil

by jen kalb 15 years ago

I have a whole lot of lovely anise flavored holy basil as well as some thai basil growing in my yard right now - and sooner or later it is going to get wiped out by frost. This is used in stir fr...

Overabundance of cherry toms & basil!!

by poifan 16 years ago

Any ideas for recipes using a lot of cherry tomatoes & basil. My husband does not like bruschetta, which was one of my first ideas!! We also harvested some zucchini. Thank you!

Sweet basil pesto recipe (and best pasta for pesto)

by thegreekone 16 years ago

Dear All, A friend is dropping off some home grown sweet basil today and I have a hankering for pesto. I know the basic drill (basil, evoo, parm-reg, pine nuts, garlic) but I can;t for my life r...

Risotto with Mozzarella and Basil

by Jane Hathaway 16 years ago

Someone posted about making risotto with mozzarella and basil (and I'm guessing tomatoes?) a few months ago. I printed it out but, now that I'm finally getting around to making it, of course I can...

lime basil challenge

by redglass 16 years ago

I have a HUGE bunch of lime basil that I received this week from my CSA and I haven't a clue what to do with it. Ok, a couple ideas, but I need some help here. Here's my ideas so far: -buy some...

Basil stems

by Margret 16 years ago

I've used my big bunch of basil to make a big pot of tomato sauce. Is there any reason why the stems can't go in for flavoring. I planned to tie the bunch of stems together and put it in with the...

How to store fresh basil?

by 1 wiener hound 16 years ago

Sometimes when I go and pick my fresh basil I harvest to much for the meal that is being prepared. Any suggestions on ways to keep it fresh for other uses. TIA

pasta w/tomato, basil & fresh mozzerella

by ctmom 16 years ago

I had a recipe from Taste of Home but have misplaced it. I know I also add evoo (and can't remember if there is anything else) but was hoping someone can help me with measurements. The dish can b...

How to grow exotic basil, for not much money

by La Dolce Vita 16 years ago

A few weeks ago, I picked up a healthy bunch of lemon basil at the farmer's market. I paid $1. When I got home, I used some of it in cooking, and stuck the rest in a cup of water. After 2 or 3 week...

basil pesto.... recipe exchange

by megan 16 years ago

finally there was some good basil at the farmer's market this past weekend. nice and tender. I made some basil pesto that made me wish I could make my tomato plants grow faster! I had to laugh, d...

basil before tomatoes?

by chardgirl 16 years ago

In our neck of the woods basil comes on at least a month before the field-grown yummy tomatoes. I like basil in Thai soup and as pesto. Are there any other ideas of basil uses before tomatoes come ...

Need fresh basil

by trey 16 years ago

Is there fresh basil out there somewehere now? Where?(If relevant, I am in NYC) general guidance is ok..

Pierre Herme green apple and basil sorbet

by Miriam 17 years ago

Does anybody have this recipe--from, i think, his first book (pre Dorie?), which, at the time I made the sorbet (mid to late 90's?) hadn't been translated from the French? It is absolutely deliciou...

Storing Fresh Basil - Where Did I Go Wrong?

by Lila 17 years ago

Went to the Farmer's Market this weekend and bought a nice big bunch of basil. I plopped it in a large waterglass filled with water and put it uncovered in the fridge, thinking it would keep just ...

Anyone have a recipe for Lime and Basil sorbet?

by divewench 17 years ago

Had some at a restaurant recently, and I can't stop thinking about it. If I could live on basil, I would, and this was like eating perfume!

Looking for the perfect basil pesto recipe

by jq 17 years ago

I am in search of a great basil pesto recipe to serve over pasta. For some reason I can not get the measurements right - it's either too thick or too oily. Can anyone help?

Basil infused olive oil

by bryan 17 years ago

I would like to make my own. Could someone tell me how to do it? TIA

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