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Balut in Chicago.

by Paulgrahn 6 years ago

I have many Philo friends and I need to eat balut in order to be truly accepted. Pls help me find balut in Chicago. ...


Marmles commented 2 years ago

Balut on Oahu

by fatstern 3 years ago

Anyone have a trusted source of balut? I've been wanting to try for years but I always forget I want it bc I never s...


macaraca commented 3 years ago

Where can I find Balut (duck embryo) in Boston Chinatown?

by BalutInBoston 3 years ago

I'm wondering if anyone knows any specific stores or markets that carry them, thank you for your time!

kobuta commented 3 years ago

Olivera Egg Ranch, SJ- Fresh Eggs, live chicken, balut eggs & more

by hhc 11 years ago

Just found out about this place from my co-worker. I haven't been yet, but hope this info goes to others that can ch...


GSilva commented 4 years ago


by xera71 5 years ago

Do anyone know's where i can find BALUT (Duck egg) in the great Boston area? thank you!


mwk commented 5 years ago

Balut eggs in Calgary?

by hungrrr 9 years ago

I'm looking for Balut eggs in Calgary. Went to T&T and couldn't find them. Any ideas? Also, any restaurants that serv...

Roarasaur commented 5 years ago

"Cutey Baluty" - deviled eggs for Easter

by greygarious 6 years ago

This is majorly adorable, not to mention easy!

blue room commented 6 years ago

Balut in Toronto?

by merlot143 9 years ago

The recent mention of balut on the menu of Charlie's Burgers makes me want to try it. Fetal duck egg is not normally ...

Spice City Toronto commented 6 years ago


by Joe MacBu 7 years ago

Do any of the Filipino places in Woodside have balut? Or anywhere in NYC?

JungMann commented 6 years ago

Balut [moved from Home Cooking board]

by paulj 7 years ago

[NOTE: We've moved this discussion from the thread at] haven't move...


swagertm commented 7 years ago

Restauraunts serving Balut (Hot vit lon or Hot Ga lon)

by Feathers 8 years ago

Looking for restauraunts in DFW that serve Balut. I have found markets that carry Balut eggs but would ike to locate ...


Azn Gorger commented 8 years ago


by Howard L 15 years ago

Tell me about is it cooked and eaten, and is there maybe a restaurant in New York where it is served? Thanx


blatantdream commented 8 years ago


by IronGut 13 years ago

I heard I can find it in Cerritos. Anyone know exact locations? Anywhere in LA or OC. Thanks, gang! Link: http://...


beaver48612 commented 8 years ago

Where to Find Balut in the Triangle (NC)

by wallabunny 9 years ago

What would be a good source of balut in the Triangle area in North Carolina? Duck or chicken would be fine. Would t...

JB BANNISTER commented 9 years ago

Balut in NYC?

by shaunnie 10 years ago

This is my first chowhound post, I figured if I should ask this question anywhere, this is the place to find my answe...

JungMann commented 9 years ago

balut (21 day old duck egg)?

by atis 9 years ago

hi! does anyone know where i can buy some good ones in sfv? thanks!


selfportrait93 commented 9 years ago

Balut in Boston?

by jamie2dope 10 years ago

I am a Medford resident, and was wondering if anyone knows of places to find Balut in this general area. I've been wa...


trymonlam commented 10 years ago