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Best New Baking Cookbooks for Fall 2019

With summer fully melted away and fall in full swing, we're hunkering down and cozying up—and with ovens happily back on again, the agenda includes a lot of baking. Good thing that among all the new...

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how to store dough

by Magreth 5 years ago

hi guys,been a while here.. i have been having trouble on how to store dough. I am a starting home baker and i do delivers of cinnamon rolls, but am failing. I cant just store dough and use it whi...

Why does the upper-middle of breads take the longest to cook?

by Mark P 5 years ago

For instance, when baking banana bread or zucchini bread, it's always the upper-middle of the bread that remains undercooked after everything else is finished. I'd think either the bread would coo...

Red Velvet Cheesecake - What Went Wrong?

by Kosherbyforce 5 years ago

I was asked to make a red velvet cheesecake for a birthday cake. This idea apparently comes from The Cheesecake Factory and there are recipes all over. Red velvet, followed by cream cheese frosting...

sourdough flavoring?!?

by muppditt 5 years ago

Ok so I whipped out some sacrilege in an earlier post admitting I used frozen whole crawfish for a crawfish boil, now I am going to ask if anyone has ever tried reproducing sourdough bread using th...

Bakers, help me deconstruct this double ganache cake

by timpani_mimi 5 years ago

Please help me understand this cake, sold by a bakery here, so I can try to make something similar. I'm not trying to copy it exactly. I'm a novice-level baker, setting myself cake projects. I'd l...

Need help discovering mexican cream cake

by Ramius 5 years ago

I am trying to find out about a particular mexican cake. I saw someone make it on Cinco de mayo, on snapchat, out of all places. It was a round light brown layered cake, that sort of resembled a...

How to brown cake edges?

by Amypeanut 5 years ago

Hi. Can someone tell me how to bake cake that's brown on the outside like the one in the picture? I've baked several sponge cakes and all of them turned out pale :(. They were not under-baked but t...

total rise of pizza dough volume. Pizza expertise appreciated 100 or 50%???

by Idas 5 years ago

Hi, I'm trying to improve my pizza skills. most recipes keep stating pizza dough will double in size. Jeff Varasano says pizza dough should not rise more than 50%. Can some pizza keeners please...

help--what kind of dough for Isreali spinach pie?

by fayehess 11 years ago

I need to make Isreali spinach pies, and I don't know what type of dough to use.

Cornbread with cream added during cooking.

by caviar_and_chitlins 5 years ago

Some years ago, a friend that I have long since lost touch with made the most amazing cornbread, where after the bread was partly cooked, cream was poured into the bread through a cut (lengthwise, ...

Quick bread temps

by Billow Fair 12 years ago

I've been working on perfecting a banana bread recipe, and while I'm getting there I wonder if there are any accomplished bakers out there who can tell me what internal temperature to shoot for in ...

Sourcing Organic Artisinal Bread Flour in Dallas

by seabird20 12 years ago

Fellow hounds, I have taken up (and become addicted to) bread baking at home. From baguettes to ciabattas, Czech rye breads, pain ordinaire, you name it, I will try it. So far I have been mak...

Why can't I get my bread to rise???

by mamaborne 5 years ago

I like whole wheat bread but every loaf I've made so far is dense and heavy. Good flavor, but not light and fluffy. I seem to be having an issue with the 2nd rise. I make the recipe, the bread r...

Baking frozen lasagna ?

by scot120 5 years ago

I have an 8 lb pan of frozen lasagna. Noodles are fully cooked, but after it was prepared, it was never baked before freezing. How long and what temperature would it take to fully bake?

No knead bread

by laraibcooks 5 years ago

A lot of the recipes that I have seen for no knead bread call for a Dutch oven or an oven safe skillet. I don't have that. My question is can I bake the no knead bread in a brownie pan or some othe...

Adding frangipane to babka?

by mirima 5 years ago

I'm making a chocolate babka (using this recipe: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2014/10/better-chocolate-babka/) and looking for a way to make it even more amazing. I'm thinking about adding some f...

Sodium Hydroxide ?? for Pretzel Wash

by Jimbosox04 13 years ago

I am told that Natrium Hydroxide or as we know it "Sodium Hydroxide" is what the Germans use as a 4% bath for the pretzels that we all know and love. It can be bought at the Apotheke(drugstore) th...

Do you bake your own cakes or cookies ?

by emglow101 5 years ago

Or just buy them at the store or bakery . I envy you bakers who make your own . I buy mine from the grocery store . My favorite cookie is LU cinnamon and spice , and cake is devils food. For you ba...

Cast iron for sweet baking?

by somervilleoldtimer 5 years ago

I love my cast iron pans, but they're redolent of garlic, fish and olive oil even though I scrub them with hot water (no soap) after using. I just read a recipe that wants me to bake a pie in a ca...

How much yeast in a Biga?

by DuffyH 5 years ago

I've got my light wheat sandwich bread almost right, but I'd like to make it a just a little softer. Not much, just a little closer to foldable. Here's the recipe that I'm using: 1 cups water 3...

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