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Noriega Hotel in Bakersfield - a great experience

by gordon wing 18 years ago

Last week we had a great evening at the Noriega Hotel - it's located in a quiet out of the way part of Bakersfield. On Sunday night there is only one seating at 7pm - everybody gathers in the bar...

PorkChop & Bubba's BBQ | Bakersfield

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Two months ago I stopped for lunch in Bakersfield on my way to Palm Springs. I was interested in checking out PorkChop and Bubba's BBQ, as the owners are experienced competitors on the KCBS contest...

New Year's Eve and Day in Bakersfield

by jpie 2 years ago

I am going to be driving our car down from the Pacific NW to Palm Springs and will be spending the night in Bakersfield CA. It happens to be New Year's Eve and then the morning of New Year's day. T...

Bolthouse Farms To Launch CBD Product Line

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . Dunn tells Yahoo Finance the company is poised to launch at least 25 CBD-infused products this coming January. Two of the products, Dunn says, will be in the coffee and juice categories. . ...

Bakersfield - Are There Any Pączki To Be Had...?

by DarkRose 12 years ago

Ok, so I'll admit this is a massive long shot, but.... Does anyone know of anywhere that will be selling Pączki on Fat Tuesday? Any little bakeries? Even the grocery store bakeries...? I realize...

Dewar's in Bakersfield 100th Anniversary this Weekend

by badseed 12 years ago

Dewar's Candy Shop in Bakersfield is celebrating their 100th anniversary May 16 and 17 from 11 am to 4 pm. Here's link from The Bakersfield Californian: http://www.bakersfield.com/entertainment...

Bakersfield eats

by Agrippa 5 years ago

I've been traveling to Bakersfield since the 80s several times a year to visit my family there, and grew up eating at Woolgrowers and Benjis. Recently, I was going to Bakersfield weekly and got t...

BAKERSFIELD: Best tacos?

by saradez 7 years ago

Looking for quality, authentic tacos in and around Bakersfield. Aiming to do a road trip down 99. If anyone has thoughts, I'd sure appreciate it. Dreaming of handpressed tortillas, too.

Best tacos along Hwy 99?

by saradez 7 years ago

Looking for outstanding tacos anywhere along Hwy 99 (i.e Manteca, Modesto, Turlock, Merced, Fresno, Bakersfield or anywhere inbetween). Any thoughts? Love to hear about any tips from taquerias and...

Farmer's Market in Bakersfield, or a place to buy good produce?

by megmosa 13 years ago

I was wondering if anyone has gone to any of the farmer's markets in bakersfield lately. I wanted to go by one during the holidays to try to get some local produce, but I have heard that in the pa...

Best of Bakersfield Food Tour

by sassille 13 years ago

A small group of foodies from L.A. are determined to invade Bakersfield for a weekend of discovery. We are looking for fresh authentic foods that highlight the best of local cuisine. We are open...

authentic mexican in bakersfield, visalia and in between

by heymary 7 years ago

I live in LA and for july 3 & 4 i'll be travelling between Visalia and Bakersfield for baseball games (love the older stadiums). I'm looking for food recommendations in either city or in between on...

Bakersfield recommendations

by 1000% guapo 17 years ago

Here's my recommendations if you are heading to good old Bakersfield. Tom, I grew up in the central valley, I have family members that live all over the region. Downtown Bakersfield has a...

El Salvadorean food along I-5 at Buttonwillow - near Bakersfield - home made tortillas!

by robcohen 7 years ago

Couple of weeks ago I found myself stopping for a room along I-5 after a long day of driving. Next morning I wanted a good breakfast and had an amazing huevos rancheros with the best home made tor...

Moo Creamery - Bakersfield - better than Dewar's?

by badseed 13 years ago

It's sacrilegious in Bakersfield to say anything bad about Dewar's but I think Moo Creamery has better ice cream. They just opened on Truxton serving burgers, soups and salads, and deserts and ice...

any places worth eating at between bakersfield and Los Angeles?

by medicine 8 years ago

Often traveling home from mammoth or sequoia national park (usually on Sunday) and hit bakersfield area around dinner rime 7-8 pm and never can find food worth going to. Getting sick of even In n o...

Padre Hotel's Belvedere Room in Bakersfield?

by FoodObsessive 8 years ago

I may be staying in Bakersfield in April, and the Padre Hotel looks interesting - anybody out there know anything about their restaurant? We will only be in town one night and looking for an excell...

Driving 99 from Oakland to Bakersfield

by escargot3 9 years ago

Any suggestions for a lunch spot off highway 99? Perhaps in Modesto? or Merced? or 'tween the two?

Indian Oven at the 24/7 Travel Plaza, Bakersfield

by janetofreno 9 years ago

List: I'm sure that I have posted about this place before, but can't seem to find it on several searches....so I thought an update was in order. This is an Indian restaurant attached to a truck s...