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Christmas Celebrations Around the World

Ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated around the world? Take a look below and see how Christmas dinner is done in several other countries. North Americans often cook a Christmas dinner similar to...

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Vietnamese pork rolls/banh minh - where to find in Sydney CBD (not Chinatown)?

by chookpea 13 years ago

Not sure of the correct spelling. Does anyone know if there are places that sell these rolls in the CBD? I work more towards the Circular Quay end, so getting to Chinatown is a bit of a hike. Th...

Trip to Perth, WA October 2006

by sydp100 13 years ago

Hi - We will be in Perth for 5-6 days later this month, staying at Seasons of Perth at 37 Pier Street. Any suggestions for casual dining; maybe one or two upscale dinners. We love Asian and se...

Review of Flower Drum in Melbourne

by ponocat 13 years ago

We had a bit of trouble finding this restaurant, but we were glad we perservered in our search. (The problem turned out to be that it is on Market Lane, not the wide, busy Market Street.) It has ...

Manly Beach

by JackNH 13 years ago

Any suggestions where to eat on/near Manly Beach? Anything but Italian, please! Jack in Potts Point

Jim Leff's CHOW Tour

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 13 years ago

The Big Dog has been on the road searching out the best chow around America. Now there's a fancy report on his tour up and running - it's got maps and graphics and navigation to go with all the gre...

Last minute solo visit to Sydney

by antirealist 13 years ago

It's just a 3 day weekend trip but I'd like to make the most out of it foodwise. I have a reservation at Rockpool for Saturday (Tetsuya's was fully booked). Any suggestions for a solo diner? I'll e...

big Asian food court in Sydney?

by Carl 13 years ago

When I visited Sydney some time back, I came across a big Asian food court that I believe was on the second story of some type of shopping center. It was the best food court I have ever seen, but ...

Sojourn - Sydney

by dee lannon 13 years ago

Anyone have a report on this place? The food sounds amazing.

Syndey Restaurants-advice please

by mergar 13 years ago

My husband & I will be in Sydney in a few months, and are hoping to sample some outstanding food. We are already set on Tetsuya's, Salior Thai and Guilliaume at Bennelong. We are trying to decide...


by SLadd 13 years ago

Will be staying at Saville Park Suites- don't really know what that area is called, but recommendations for good food would be appreciated...wouldn't mind venturing out further but do not have tran...

Hugo's - what's the story

by Bronte 13 years ago

We're moving back to Sydney and had planned to go to Hugo's at Bondi (and old favourite) as a welcome home - but it's closed down. Does anyone know why ? Has it been replaced by anything good o...

Sydney restaurants open Monday

by sneedy 13 years ago

hi all - need some help. all the groovy-sounding sydney places (like sean's panaroma) are closed mondays - can you suggest a good place that's open mondays? many thanks! sneeds

good cafe in glenhuntley, melbourne

by mingerspice 13 years ago

There is a surprisingly good cafe in Glenhuntley, on Glenhuntley road, called Caffe, I believe. I had a roast veggie sandwich that was very fresh, and my long black coffee was the perfect richness ...

2006 Australian Restaurant Guide now available online

by bjrocky 13 years ago

For those visiting Australia in the next 6 months, this guide is invaluable and covers the whole of Australia. It is particularly reputable and well worth purchasing. Restaurants are listed under ...

Who has the best lamingtons in Sydney

melbourne australia

by chefypoo 13 years ago

I'm meeting my girlfriend in melbourne australia and am looking to celebrate a really good dinner for our birthdays. We are huge foodies, however don't want to spend an arm and leg to eat. we are o...

Advice for a starving student in Melbourne?

by mingerspice 13 years ago

Hey all, I will be going to Melbourne (Australia) for an internship for two and a half months from June to mid August. I'm excited because I know Melbourne has a vibrant food culture as well, and c...

cheapeats near Melbourne Greenhouse Backpackers

by Viola 13 years ago

Looking for cheap and tasty eats near Melbourne Greenhouse Backpackers. And if you have one splurge, that would be awesome too. This is my first visit to Australia.

Sydney: traditional roast lamb & potatos

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 13 years ago

My husband is Australian who moved to the states to marry me (a yankee). We go back once or twice a year to see family and friends and we are going again next month. I'm looking for a restaurant ...

TETSUYA'S in Sydney - what's the trick to getting a reservation?

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 15 years ago

We will be in Sydney in July and I've managed to convince hubby this is a good way to spend our hard earned $. Hubby is in Sydney now and has been trying to call to see how far in advance we'd nee...

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