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roll with me here: best egg roll in austin?

by symbiosis00 11 years ago

Hi guys, new poster here. I'm a waiter that was told about chowhound by a few of my customers because of posts with ...


Brewdude commented 9 months ago

Arm in cast. Trader Joe's shopping list?

by sweet100s 10 months ago

right arm in cast 6 wks what do you recommend i buy at trader joe? am assuming tj would be best cos they have g...


saregama commented 10 months ago

Raw Milk? Cow Shares? Goat Shares?

by xeresana 10 years ago

Does anyone know of any local dairies offering raw milk - either cow or goat? How about any cow shares or goat share...


hossrukker commented 11 months ago

Any Really Good Bagels in Austin Area?

by StevenW11 1 year ago

Seems most bagels here are the bready variety, with no crust, no chew and consequently, no flavor. Anybody aware of ...


AlexH1980 commented 12 months ago

Restaurants in San Marcos/New Braunfels

by heyzeus212 8 years ago

This weekend I'm meeting for dinner with friends who live in San Antonio. Usually we meet halfway-ish at the Grist M...


TroyTempest commented 12 months ago

Zucchini Noodle Entrees

by Rene 1 year ago

I had the pleasure of ordering a Zucchini Primavera entree at Napa Flats recently. I really appreciated having a low ...


Foxeyblue commented 1 year ago


by klanch 3 years ago

I figured the last RIP thread was long enough to justify starting one new... It looks like 34th Street Cafe has go...


TroyTempest commented 1 year ago

Late celebratory dinner near the Hilton

by adele1961 1 year ago

Hi there, I'm attending an awards reception at the HIlton in Austin that gets out at 8:30 pm. Any suggestions for a r...


TroyTempest commented 1 year ago

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Tried the Black Walnut Cafe

by klanch 1 year ago

Today I tried the Black Walnut Cafe, on 2222 out near 4 Points. I went there about 1 PM and I found it a bit disappoi...

Pre-ordering Franklin Barbecue - how much of each item to order?

by ah6tyfour 1 year ago

Hi everyone! Coming to Austin for the first time in just over a month. I'm pre-ordering Franklin Barbecue for the u...


mlin1 commented 1 year ago

Most magical meal 2016

by lixlix 1 year ago

My most magical meal of 2016 was at Kyoten Sushiko. Quite simply, it is the best sushi I have had in Austin and a...


ottophan commented 1 year ago

Four days in Austin, TX for unique local food

by Sherrinford 1 year ago

We keep hearing that Austin is just about brisket and Tex-Mex, and we should only focus on a couple of places, so I'm...


medlar commented 1 year ago

Ferrari's Pizza (in the 60s)

by fat_boy_in_austin 1 year ago

For some reason I started thinking of Ferrari's today. It was a hole in the wall on Lamar near 34th street in the lat...


j_o_J commented 1 year ago

Austin - Three Days in February

by RonnieO 1 year ago

I'll be in Austin the weekend of February 17, arriving at about 4 PM on Friday night, and flying back to Chicago at a...


storefronteats commented 1 year ago

ATX: Restaurant that hires Lion Dance troupe?

by luckyfatima 1 year ago

Last time we lived in ATX, I took my kids to Sea Dragon (now closed) for Lunar New Year to eat and see the Lion Dance...


luckyfatima commented 1 year ago

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Wonderland closed. Where to go?

by sschopick 1 year ago

We are visiting Austin in a few weeks. We loved the Wonderland bar. Low key but great cocktails. Now that they ...

Where to buy good quality duck eggs?

by johndunn2 3 years ago

Does anyone have recommendations for a good spot to buy free range, organic duck eggs aside from farmer's markets? ...


girloftheworld commented 1 year ago

A week in Austin with little kiddos

by eeejo 1 year ago

Taking our first trip to Austin next month to visit friends! I'm a chef, and we are omnivores and up for anything, b...


girloftheworld commented 1 year ago

Little Thailand owner/legendary good guy passes on

by Carter B. 9 years ago

Dick Simcoe, owner of Little Thailand in Garfield, died today according a Statesman blog: http://www.austin360.com...


bloody hammer commented 1 year ago

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Our eating weekend in Austin

by zook 1 year ago

Just returned from a weekend getaway in Austin. Despite the dreary weather, we had a weekend of great eating. We ...