Keep it weird. Find the best places to eat in Austin, from great cocktail bars to the perfect place for breakfast tacos.

It's Crazy How Fast These Frozen Desserts Caught On

It was always ice cream's destiny to end up universally beloved, but ever wondered where ice cream came from—who invented it, and how...

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Are Janie's Pound Cakes Worth the Dough?

by MPH 11 years ago

I just noticed a display of these today while I was fighting the crowds at the downtown Whole Foods. Apparently, the baker is based in Tyler (http://www.janiescakes.com/cakes.htm ). It's easy eno...

Jordan's Skinny Syrups

by szeiss 1 year ago

Where in Austin can I find a decent selection of Jordan's Skinny syrups? I've been to the Home Goods at Great Hills and it's kind of hit and miss.

Mixed bag of dining in Austin

by zinfanatic 2 years ago

Our first meal was very good. We had arrived in town late and I got on the Internet to find a restaurant near where we were staying. We dined at 68 degrees and had a very good meal. I started with ...

Where to buy "real" lard?

by Rptrane 6 years ago

I'm curious about doing some cooking with lard, but it's my understanding the lard in grocery stores is hydrogenated and lard that's untreated isn't? Does anyone know if Whole Foods or Central Mark...

Return trip to Austin!

by indiefoodie 1 year ago

Hi, 3 of us who live in NYC are planning a return trip to Austin over the Easter long weekend. We've had a great time the last 2 times we were there and were hoping to repeat that :) We have some s...

Gordon ruined El Greco. Can it be saved from the RIP thread?

by slowcoooked 8 years ago

Hounds pardon my diatribe here. El Greco had a bad business model, those of you who have gotten a 17.00 lamb gyro or a 10 dollar bowl of chicken soup know what I'm talking about. But that aside...

El Pollo Regio

by pinotho 10 years ago

Does anyone have any idea how they make that wonderful chicken ? What do you think they marinade it in , besides lemon juice and lime juice ? TIA , 'tis appreciated .

Seeking downtown office lunch catering

by craveytrain 8 years ago

My workplace caters our lunch and breakfast once a week. I am helping compile a list of places to add into the rotation. Requirements: Feed 60 people At least 1 vegetarian option Delivers down...

Sheep meat in Austin-San Antonio?

Joe MacBu
by Joe MacBu 1 year ago

Are there any butchers between Austin and San Antonio who have mutton (older sheep >2 years old)? To clarify, not looking for lamb nor goat (which is also often called mutton).

Whole Foods employees reveal why stores are facing a crisis of food shortages

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

I've witnessed the drop off in Whole Foods inventory before the Amazon buyout and hearing from many friends about stock-outs. Here's what's behind the problem: " . . . Order-to-shelf, or OTS, i...

Barbecue restaurants during the Super Bowl

by ekrubnivek 1 year ago

I'm visiting Austin Texas next week and I would love to try some of Austin's great barbecue restaurants. It's also the Super Bowl on Sunday. I was thinking barbecue places would be less crowded dur...

Best bbq without a line?

by joeyjojo 2 years ago

I'm coming to Austin for a weekend with friends. What would be great barbecue in the Downtown/South Congress area that won't be a brutally long wait on a weekend?

Restaurants Near Residence Inn Downtown

by labdog 1 year ago

Nice restaurants near Residence Inn Downtown on East 4th, Austin

Why can't I find Tri-tip steak in Texas?

by HelloTiffy 10 years ago

I'm from San Francisco, and tri-tip is a very common cut of steak. I had it all the time and it was my favorite. I moved to Austin, TX last July and right away I could not find it and I still have ...

Girls Weekend

by nsm08 2 years ago

Hi, I’ll be in Austin in Feb for a girls weekend. We are looking for restaurant ideas with a fun environment. I prefer a good cocktail list and am not picky (but I am a pescatarian). No price...

Celis Beer is Back!

by TroyTempest 2 years ago

The brewery is officially opening this summer, but they are having early launches this week around town (see link below) I know that in the past few years, there were a couple of false starts, but...

Is there a good philly cheese steak in Austin??

by whoalilponie 9 years ago

Looking for the best and most authentic. What makes it real, is it the meat, does it have to be shaved rib eye steak, what about the roll and let's not forget the all important cheese, wiz or provo...

roll with me here: best egg roll in austin?

by symbiosis00 12 years ago

Hi guys, new poster here. I'm a waiter that was told about chowhound by a few of my customers because of posts with my name in them... thank god you people like me. :-) at any rate.... I'm...

Arm in cast. Trader Joe's shopping list?

by sweet100s 2 years ago

right arm in cast 6 wks what do you recommend i buy at trader joe? am assuming tj would be best cos they have good frozen stuff need to get left handed scissors...

Raw Milk? Cow Shares? Goat Shares?

by xeresana 11 years ago

Does anyone know of any local dairies offering raw milk - either cow or goat? How about any cow shares or goat shares in the area?