Good Eats along 1-20 from Dallas to Athens?

by afm3459 12 years ago

I am driving from Dallas, TX to Athens, GA along I-20 and will do it in two days. Never been through Louisiana and don't want to miss an opportunity to miss a good meal there. 1. Might not get ...

Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

by Butleli 6 years ago

I have been reading here for quite sometime, but this is my first post, apologies if it's a bit of a rant... I am in Athens, GA and the southern classic in the title seems to be on every locally ow...

Athens, GA area BBQ

by pigfan 18 years ago

Does anyone have any recommendations for barbecue in the Athens, Georgia area? Thanks.

Athens Ga

by Enfielder 7 years ago

I'm heading to Athens for a few days this summer – I’ll definitely make it to Five and Ten but does anyone have thoughts on the other places on my list? Chef Ming Mamas Boy Harrys Pig Shop Ti...

Athens Ga

by Enfielder 7 years ago

I'm heading to Athens for a few days this summer – I’ll definitely make it to Five and Ten but does anyone have thoughts on the other places on my list? Chef Ming Mamas Boy Harrys Pig Shop Ti...

Best Eats in Athens GA

by musebandrules 14 years ago

Best eats in Athens GA (in no particular order): Last Resort (pretty much anything on the menu...the daily specials usually rule...lunch is cheaper and just as good as dinner...and get a slice o...

Rehearsal Dinner Help - Athens GA

by KateeB 8 years ago

So my son is getting married November 30, 2013 in Athens, GA. For the rehearsal dinner, can someone recommend either: a. A good restaurant in the area with a private room to seat 65-70 people, o...

Athens, GA and Columbia, SC

by Rufus Dog 8 years ago

Hey. My family and I are going to be spending a few of days in Columbia SC and Athens GA. Can anyone help with food suggestions, Price is unimportant. Dives, upscale, food trucks, ethnic... it all ...

Is Athens covered in the Atlanta board? 1 dinner, 2 lunch (BBQ and/or Mexican)

by coolaugustmoon 9 years ago

Hi. My dc is West Georgia born and raised, then went to UGA. We will be spending 36 hours in Athens on a larger Georgia tour. It has been 13 years since she graduated, and maybe 8 since she set ...

Rehearsal dinner venu in Athens, GA?

by mdc1501 9 years ago

My son is getting married next April near Athens and we are looking for a good place to host the rehearsal dinner. I haven't been to Athens for 30 years so don't really know where to start. We w...


by rockpile 11 years ago

I am going to be in Athens for the first time in February; I am speaking at a conference. Please share some of the best restaurants in the area. I would prefer "local" cuisine - soul/southern/bbq...

Question for Athens, GA, Hounds.

Jeff C.
by Jeff C. 10 years ago

Headed your way this weekend to, among other things, revisit The National and Five & Ten. Just noticed that something called The Last Resort Grill won in several categories (Best American, desserts...

Athens, Georgia: Peking Restaurant (East Side)

Liana Krissoff
by Liana Krissoff 11 years ago

Real Chinese in Athens at last! See Hillary's 5/12 review: http://flagpole.com/Weekly/GrubNotes We've been to this place a lot since we moved to a house nearby a month and a half ago, and I've b...

Football gameday in Athens, Ga

by henry66 10 years ago

We love to come early, park downtown, and hang out in a pub to eat, drink and watch football until time to head to the stadium. But it seems that our favorite downtown pre-game hangout, Tavern at...

Terrapin of Athens, GA

by tzanghi 10 years ago

I saw a few different 6-packs from this Brewery in GA today in a close-by liquor store and was wondering if anyone has had any good beers from them. I would like to try some, but I'm a novice and ...

Athens GA Wedding Catering Ideas?

by five pound possum 10 years ago

i'm getting married at a farm outside of athens next may and, of course, i'm thinking about the food first. do any of you southeastern chowhounds have recommendations for a restaurant/caterer? ther...

Recent Athens, GA eats

by Dax 10 years ago

Visited Mom in Athens, GA this weekend and tried out a few places. Friday - Lunch at La Dolce Vita - started with the complimentary house made (?) focaccia which was nice and chewy but somewha...

Athens, GA - Ciabatta/focaccia, red pepper salad?

by pinkboa 12 years ago

Hi, all, I'm looking for a source in Athens for good, consistent ciabatta or focaccia bread. Any recommendations? I'm also really missing the red pepper marinated salad that they used to ser...

Current best grub in Athens?

by askdrtodd 11 years ago

Whatcha guys think? If you only had one night in Athens and wanted to impress a serial foodie, where would you take him/her?

Athens, GA - anything new and exciting?

by Dax 11 years ago

Any must try places? Or stick with the Five and Ten, La Doce, National, etc.? What about low end? Best empanadas in town? Any particular dish at East Side Peking? Home for labor day weekend an...