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by giang 11 years ago

I'll be staying near Six Flags and the convention center for about four or five days. Any suggestions on where to eat (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)? I've looked on Yelp, but all I could find wer...

Mi Tierra Latin Fusion (Arlington)

by snatex 11 years ago

Mi Tierra Latin Fusion 603 W Abram St Arlington, TX 76010 (817) 861-9144 www.mitierralatinfusion.com Wow! What a find this place is. I went for lunch the other day and had the best Mofongo I ha...

Dim Sum in Arlington

by dlcole 11 years ago

I finally found an open, Dim Sum restaurant in the Mid-Cities, Arlington area. The FTW Star Telegram had an entry for ABC Seafood, but no reviews. Not wanting to drive all the way over to Greenvi...

Arlington-Little Known Places

by shalisah 13 years ago

Does anyone have any recs for hole in the walls, little known places of any kind of food in Arlington? My boyfriend and I see quite a few, but don't know what's good and isn't.

Restaurants between Dallas & Arlington

by vickymash 12 years ago

Hi, I need some recommendations for good places to eat lunch between Dallas (Market Center Area) and Arlington. Any ideas??? Thanks!

Indian - Mid-Cites or Arlington

by dlcole 12 years ago

Looking for good Indian food. Don't want to drive to Arlington. The only place I found on CitySearch (Star Telegram is useless) was called Indian Grill and I think it's closed. Thanks.

[DFW] Arlington Area Gems

by captainshen 12 years ago

A question: (So this thread won't totally die) What are YOUR favorite Arlington dives? A conundrum: I've lived here in Arlington all of my life. I have pretty much eaten everything there is to ea...

Piranha Killer sushi (Arlington): Sushi perfection

by ssh 12 years ago

Piranha killer sushi is a small chain (3 locations, 2 in arlington and one in ft worth). It has far and away the best creative, fun, and tasty rolls we have ever had, anywhere. Nobu, kenichi, Tei...

Need a great restaurant in Arlington/Dallas

by JMCINNYC 12 years ago

I am looking to get a gift certificate for a friend in the Arlington area, and I don't live there. Can anyone recommend a really nice/romantic place with great food? Thanks in advance!

Arlington/Mansfield Seafood

by crwfte 12 years ago

Is there anywhere in the Arlington/Mansfield area to buy fresh seafood - specifically shellfish ? Does anyone know the status of the Central Market that is supposed to be going in in Burleson ? ...

Arlington, Nagodoches, and Waco eating recommendations?

by TboneDano 12 years ago

Hi all, I'm on a business trip next week, and looking to experience some local flavor. We'll be eating all of our meals out, so a great breakfast place recommendation would be as greatly apprec...

Best Seafood in Arlington or Ft. Worth area

by shalisah 12 years ago

I am interested in good seafood, upscale or hole in the wall in the Arlington, Ft. Worth and surrounding immediate areas. I don't go to Dallas, so please, no suggestions from there. I like all seaf...

fried zuchinni in Arlington?

by staciej 12 years ago

Can anyone tell me where I can get some good fried zuchinni?

ISO Suggestions for Arlington, TX

by AGM/Cape Cod 17 years ago

My husband and his buddy are going to Arlington, TX for a fencing meet. Is there anyplace there for them to eat other than at chain restaurants? They are sushi fanatics but will really eat any good...

New to Arlington, TX - Adventurous Restaurant Eater

by txstate04 13 years ago

My fiance and I recently moved to the Grand Prairie/Arlington area and have yet to find many non-chain restaurants that we have fallen in love with. Coming from Austin, it was so easy to find a fam...

Vietnamese in Arlington

by vktp 13 years ago

My new job puts me at 121 and 360 in Grapevine. Growing up in Richardson, I've never had to venture far to get my Asian fix. Now that I'm out here, does anyone have specific suggestions of places...

Anything recommended in Arlington, Texas?

by Rebecca 17 years ago

My husband and I are staying in Arlington tonight -right across from Six Flags. Any decent food in the area? We won't have time to drive into Dallas since we are in Arlington on business. (we are f...