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Potager (Arlington)

by captainshen 11 years ago

I'm surprised that, as far as I can tell, this hasn't been mentioned yet. Potager is on Mesquite St in downtown (yeah, we have a downtown) Arlington. It's owned by a spectacular lady named Cynthi...

In Arlington Texas a few days looking for great Menudo.

by dbellas 10 years ago

Hello, any help would be appreciated, looking for Arlington Area authentic Menudo. can wait till weekend when Menudo is usually offered, but hoping for now, yesterday, instant gratification. Tha...

In Arlington Texas a few days looking for an Ethiopian Restaurant/Grocer...

by dbellas 10 years ago

dont mind driving for this. DFW area preffered, there is no as in none nada Ethiopian restaurantsin Miami (someone should consider opening one up ...hint hint).. we have been craving fresh injera...

In Arlington Texas a few days looking for a good` Chinese/Thai/Japanese Buffet ...

by dbellas 10 years ago

`hello, the kids were hoping to get in a night at an Asian Buffet ( Chinese/Thai/Japanese etc.) with good variety. Family friendly, that wont break the bank....there will be several families thi...

Restaurants open Thanksgiving Day-Arlington

by stacybean23 11 years ago

Does anyone know which restaurants will be open Thanksgiving Day in Arlington or Ft. Worth?

recommendations near the ballpark in arlington.

by inthesunsetsf 10 years ago

coming in for the world series. would love to know any recommended places nearby. breakfast, lunch and dinner. thanks.

Where is there sushi grade fish near Arlington, TX please?

by l3randonf 10 years ago

I have become very discouraged in my quest to roll my own sushi. I cannot seem to find any solid information on where to find sushi grade fish. Central Market is the only store that I called that...

Arlington - good eats near Parks at Arlington? Mexican or Italian?

by pizzajunkie 10 years ago

Staying for business at the Holiday Inn Express by the mall and prefer not to eat at the Olive Garden across the street, LOL. Can't drive too far since I am short on time. Anything close to there...

Is this a MONSTER restaurant in Arlington ?

by kenkchow 11 years ago

Reading of new 18,000 sq ft restaurant in Arlington, Tx near new Cowboys Stadium. Wondering if that is bigger than Palomino Ranch Buffet or Sherlocks But the location seems really weak - 'tho ...

Gnismer Farms - Arlington

by CocoaNut 10 years ago

To find out the status of strawberries and when they'll be ready to pick, I called Gnismer Farm today. On strawberries, not until the 15th of this month. but asparagus is ripe and may be picked up...

My Martini Wine & Bistro in Arlington

by lasiciliana 10 years ago

i'm traveling to Arlington, TX next week and received a recommendation from a friend about this place... anyone been? good? i'm attending an event one night and have one night to explore the ci...

Phoenix hound looking for Arlington/Dallas spots

by bpreston 10 years ago

My fiance and I are coming into town next month for the America's Run Half. Here is what I have and am looking for. Friday 4/9 Lunch: Off the Bone BBQ Dinner: Looking for something a little u...

The BEST steak in or around Arlington/Dallas...???

by ryu27 10 years ago

I'm going to be in Arlington/Dallas for the Pacquiao fight in March. Looking for the BEST steak house...??? (No car, staying in a hotel near the Stadium, don’t mind public ground transportation)

Istanbul Grill - Arlington

by davidjpearlman 11 years ago

Tried this place for the first time last night. It's on Cooper St. two miles south of I-20 and loved it. Had the meze plate, which included about eight items, and all were excellent. The "mi...

[DFW] Five Restaurants That Pique My Interest in Arlington [DFW]

by LewisvilleHounder 11 years ago

On my way down the back streets through Arlington to get to S. Arlington during the afternoon rush hour I noticed several retsaurants that I have 1) never seen any posts about or 2) have seen posts...

Good Eats Around UT-Arlington?

by donnaaries 13 years ago

Hi all, I just started a summer 5-week class at UTA that runs all day Friday with a lunch break? Any good eats within walking distance or short drive around campus? I see a lot of ethnic eats, an...

Desperate pregnant lady seeking good gyros in Grand Prairie/Arlington/Irving!

by KMessina 11 years ago

Since Dunes in Irving is closed, I'm at a loss who has good Gyro meat in this area. And I am craving Gyros and Hummus like CRAZY! I wasn't all that thrilled with Gyro House. It seemed a bit...la...

After-work drinks in Arlington (near UTA) ?

by BenjaminL 11 years ago

Hi all- The scenario: after-work drinks with co-workers (maybe a bite to eat) around 6:00pm, somewhere within reasonable driving distance of UT Arlington. Any ideas? Thank you!

Local Eats near Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

by Jrawk2005 11 years ago

Im roadtripping with the girlfriend this weekend to Arlington for a Rangers game. Since were meeting some friends for lunch, we are only looking for a place to grab some food/drinks after the game...