Just outside DC, Arlington has its own burgeoning food scene. Get recommendations from the community on where to eat, from business dinners to happy hours.

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Weekday Brunch

by mrsphud 3 years ago

Friends are coming in for a hill day and a quick visit with us. They will be staying in Arlington, but we live in Gaithersburg. Where might we go for a nice relaxing Wednesday afternoon brunch?

Early Breakfasts in Arlington, VA?

by sophiejj 4 years ago

I need to get out of the house first thing in the morning and although I cooked for a living for many years, I much prefer to have my egg white omelettes made for me, and diet sodas poured while I ...

Fresh Pole Beans (aka "Italian Green Beans" or "Roma" Green Beans)

by alkapal 4 years ago

Where can I find them in a store? The one vendor selling them wanted $5 for a skimpy pint at the Arlington farmer's market. If you know where they may have frozen ones, those will do in a pinch...

Hell Burger

by WilsonPicket 4 years ago

First I'm startled at how few posts there are for Arlington, its a big restaurant market. But for current news I'm simply sad to see that Hell Burger is closed either for the time being or for goo...

Need Arlington Recommendations

by jayjay 4 years ago

We'll be staying at a hotel next week in Arlington. Can anyone suggest restaurants in which to dine. Ethnic, seafood, etc. are our top choices, but we'll consider anything.

Jury Duty in Arlington - Kabob House and TNR in Courthouse

by Steve 6 years ago

I visited two places while doing jury duty this week in Arlington. Two spots that I wouldn't normally visit because they seem to exist only to serve a captive lunch crowd. Was my theory correct? ...

BBQ in Arlington or Falls Church - NOT Red, Hot & Blue

Cocinero Cubano
by Cocinero Cubano 14 years ago

I'm desperate for some ok to good bbq for tonight, but really don't want to do Red, Hot & Blue. Is there anything passable close in around Arlington N or S or Falls Church? I don't have time to g...

Seven Corners Round Up - Old Standbys while Convalescing

by Steve 5 years ago

During three weeks recuperating from surgery, I decided to hit up as many old standbys as I could, all within an easy drive form the Seven Corners area of Falls Church/Arlington. Lebanese Butche...

Water and Wall in Arlington - Report

by Steve 5 years ago

Chef Tim Ma must be spending most of his time at the new Kyirisan in DC, or maybe at his sandwich shop in Vienna. Water and Wall in Arlington seems to have gone pretty far downhill. We had thre...

Brunch Pub Trivia?

by daves_32 5 years ago

I have been asked to organize a group into pub trivia. It seems that the best time for most people is Sunday afternoon. Does anyone know of a sunday afternoon pub trivia, preferably in NW DC or Arl...

Bakeshop in Arlington, Cupcakes

by Steve 12 years ago

Wow, what great cupcakes. I love Georgetown Cupcakes, but these are up another level. They're small, super light and buttery. Had the coconut and the chocolate PB. A superb treat. Located on...

House of Mandi in Arlington - Report

by Steve 6 years ago

Yemeni cuisine has truly surfaced in Virginia now that there are three places to go. And I saw a sign in Bailey's Crossroads that Saba in Fairfax is opening a second branch. House of Mandi i...

Yona - Japanese/Ramen in Ballston/Arlington, VA

Worldwide Diner
by Worldwide Diner 6 years ago

I sampled 3 dishes and found 2 misconceived, while the 3rd was just lacking in flavor. First, uni waffle. It's soft waffle topped with sea urchin, salmon, caviar, and taramasalata (spread made ...

Restaurant Suggestions in DC Area - with Kids

by busterfood 6 years ago

Family is traveling to DC this weekend. Have well-behaved 4 and 7 year olds who aren't very picky. Italian always is good for them but open to anything really. We are moving to the area in a few mo...

Knockwurst, anyone?

by wayne keyser 6 years ago

Is there anywhere in Arlington to still buy knockwurst ... not specialty gourmet knockwurst, just the kind that seems to have disappeared from the hot-dog grocery case?

Arlington - Looking for beer bars and kabobs

pete k
by pete k 6 years ago

Staying at The Hyatt tomorrow night, then heading to Fairfax for a few days. Any suggestions for beer bars and kabobs? I have ChurchKey bookmarked.

Family Roadtrip from Boston to DC

by citygrrll 6 years ago

Hello all! Will be packing the 13 yr old & 2 yr old in the car in mid-August & trekking down to DC for a week. We will obviously be needing to make 2 or 3 stops on the way down so any suggestion...

Pasta in Arlington

by dennisl 6 years ago

Hoping this is the right board... I am looking for pasta in or around Arlington for the night before the Marine Corps Marathon in October (yes, I am looking WAY ahead.) Also, either a good su...

Gharer Khabar in Arlington - Report

by Steve 9 years ago

This is a tiny bangladeshi spot on Lee Hwy in the same strip as Caribbean Grill. Surrounded by dilapidated storefronts, it stands out with its pretty colors and attractive sign. There is another ...

Fine dining in/near Crystal City/Arlington

by gags22 6 years ago

Hi - I'm in Crystal City for a conference for the next few days, and I'm taking a client to dinner on Tuesday night. I need a top tier restaurant with a great wine list. I'd like to keep it to ei...