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cake, cake, cake!

by granolagurl 5 years ago

Yep, it is that time of year again (my BIRTHDAY!) and I need a CAKE!!! 2 years ago (based on suggestions from my dear Chowhound friends), I got a strawberry shortcake from Vicki Lees. It was ok b...

Arlington Greek Festival this weekend: June 4, 5, 6 and 7

by GretchenS 5 years ago

http://arlingtonfestival.com/ Schedule (p. 1) and menu (p. 2) here: http://arlingtonfestival.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/ArlingtonGreekFestival-menu-20151.pdf Sad that the spit-roasted me...

Dinner rec for tomorrow 4/21 in Cambridge/Somerville/Arlington?

by tarsier10 5 years ago

Haven't had much chance to go out in the last couple of years unless it's been to a place with a kid's menu. Now looking for a recommendation for an anniversary dinner tomorrow evening. Top feature...

New Deli proposed for East Arlington

by mangotango 8 years ago

Just heard the news: http://arlington.patch.com/articles/new-deli-opening-soon-in-east-arlington I'm hoping they use quality ingredients, locally sourced products (e.g. Iggy's Bread or their ...

Just jetted back in time to Retro Burger

by Swankalicious 7 years ago

The Swank Family dined at Retro Burger in Arlington this evening. Retro is on Mass Ave, in the space where Cakes once stood. The place is bright and clean, with photos of Elvis on the walls and the...

Sono Sushi in Arlington - anyone been?

by grant.cook 7 years ago

I drive past here often, and notice that Sono Sushi on Summer street appears to be open. Has anyone been or done takeout, and if so, how was the fare? I can't find much online about them..

Kudos to COMMON GROUND in Arlington!

by Lgalen 6 years ago

After seeing a play in Boston, last night, we thought we'd stop somewhere for a drink and a small bite to eat. I remembered a friend recommending Common Ground, so we stopped there. It was nearly...

Former Pizza Parlor of Doom at 1345 Mass Ave in Arlington Heights: Please do not do this again..

by grant.cook 6 years ago

Noticing there is a Pepsi-sponsored "Coming Soon" sign hanging in from of the former I-Chef, Bills House of Pizza, Pizza Mia, etc pizza parlor in Arlington Heights. There is no indication of what'...

Zaatar Arlington - Falafel - good..

by grant.cook 6 years ago

Zaatar on Mass Ave. in Arlington has added falafel sandwiches to their menu... just had one, pretty tasty..

Armenian bakery Zaatar now open in Arlington

by Edokko 6 years ago

They are giving out a lot of free samples on opening day (today--9/6). They have the eponymous zaatar, as well as other savories like borek and lahmajun. Sweets are baklava, mini cupcakes, some p...

WooRi Korean Fusion Grill Arlington

by Ferrari328 6 years ago

WooRi opened recently in a spot where numerous restaurants have failed over the years most recently anther Korean Restaurant. They have a reasonably sized menu and also lunch specials that includes...

New to (East) Arlington! Need Recs!

by dori_pm 6 years ago

We just signed the documents and are official owners of a place in East Arlington! After two years of looking! And now ... time to line up some chow. We've heard mixed things about Menotomy Grill. ...

Best Fishmonger/ Fish Share in Medford/Arlington/Somerville?

by VintageMolly 6 years ago

We've been quite happily getting our fish via the Cape Cod Fish Share for the last couple of years, but they have disappeared and appear to have gone belly up in spectacular fashion (but that's a s...

Zaatar in Arlington

by grant.cook 6 years ago

Stopped into Zaatar on Mass Ave in Arlington. Didn't sample a lot, but I got a spinach pie... tasty.. one of the better ones I've had. Worth checking out again..

Zocalo Arlington Actually Worthy?

by StriperGuy 9 years ago

Have to be in Arlington today for lunch and bored of my usual spots. Acitron unfortunately does not do lunch. I was never a fan of Ole... Is Zocalo worth it? Or do I just stick with the usual...

Szchuan's Dumpling in Arlington under new management

Chris VR
by Chris VR 6 years ago

The windows are covered in brown paper, and there are signs up in the windows. I tried to peek while driving by and I think it said something about new management. Their website confirms: "Th...

Restaurant in Arlington or Somerville for 8 people, Saturday lunch

by heladodelucuma 6 years ago

Seeking a restaurant offering reasonable (up to $13 per meal per person without drinks or tax or tip included)for up to 8 people for a Saturday lunch in late September. Requirements: 1) tasty but n...

Tryst in Arlington

by Swankalicious 9 years ago

I've enjoyed two very good meals at Tryst in the past couple of months. Previously, I'd overlooked the place, thinking it was just another ho-hum suburban joint trying to be sleek. But on both visi...

The Meat House, Arlington

by Fly 10 years ago

There are signs in the old Game Crazy in Arlington Heights, near Panera, saying that "The Meat House" is opening soon. Judging from the website I found, it seems to be an upscale chain butcher shop...

Sunday brunch/lunch between Brookline and Arlington

by fleenshop 6 years ago

Looking for a spot to have a good brunch or lunch this Sunday. Wants: -Convenient to one of us coming from Chestnut Hill and the other coming for the northwestern edge of Arlington, favoring the...