An apple a day makes Chowhounds happy. Here's the ultimate guide to the fruit, from apple-picking advice to apple recipes.

Apple Cores: Not Just for the Compost Bin

What’s not to love about an orchard-fresh apple on a crisp autumn day? For many people, it’s the core, which often finds itself on the fast track to the trash. But did you know that you can use apple...

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Mock apple pie & other oddities

by berkleybabe 20 years ago

I'm enjoying the baby shower posts with all the vintage 60's cocktail and jello recipes. I've always been curious about Ritz cracker's "Mock Apple Pie." As a kid I found it amazing that anyone woul...

Peeling apples

by Scooter Pie 19 years ago

I hate peeling apples. Really. Just can't get the hang of one of those hand-held peelers, and knife-peeling is just too...dangerous ... is the right word, at least where a klutz like me is concerne...

Apple Cider Doughnut recipe??

by Teri 19 years ago

I have having a craving for Apple Cider Doughnut that we used to get at apple orchards when I was a kid. I usually don't like doughnuts, but these cider doughnut are not dry like regular ones; th...

Best Apple Pie Recipe

by Lindsay B. 19 years ago

What is your favorite apple pie recipe? How does a truly superb pie recipe differ from a merely adaquate one? I've been disappointed with the All-American Apple pie from The Pie and Pastry Bib...

Jewish-grandmother apple cake recipe inside (good for cookies, too)

by cypressstylepie 19 years ago

It's so good, and the dough also makes cookies, so I decided not to post it over on the kosher board. And it's easy, too. It's homey, not fancy- bakes in a rectangle or square cake pan, no frosting...

Nightline apr 5, apple pie recipe

by kz 19 years ago

did anybody see nightline apr 5, about hotdogs and apple pie, they showed hotdogs, frankfurters, hotones from everywhere in america, then at the end, apple pies. they showed us an elegant $8.00 4"...

Jewish Apple Cake

by mattylip 19 years ago

What makes a Jewish apple cake Jewish? Is it the apple used, the cake style or something else? Does "Jewish" modify apple or cake? Please help resolve an office dispute. Thanks.

why is my apple pie filled with liquid

by david de berkeley 19 years ago

so i baked an apple pie with a standard recipe (joy of cooking), and when i cut a slice out, i find the pie is overflowing with liquid! why did this happen? i used granny smith apples, and the re...

Year-round apple supply mystery

by cypressstylepie 19 years ago

Does anyone know how we really get apples, oranges, etc. year-round? I can understand more seasons, if you fly stuff in from the Southern hemisphere. But that would mean about 2 periods of about ...

Apple crisp/crumble recipe?

by Katerina 19 years ago

First of all I'd like to say Mark Bittman's pie recipe from How to Cook Everything (a great cookbook) produces an aromatic, buttery, flavorful pie, which is also beeeeyoootiful. Seriously, my pie ...

Does the Apple Fall Far from the Tree?

by 9lives 20 years ago

I'm packing for a long weekend visiting family in Hilton Head, SC. In my suitcase is a few jars of Trader Joe's peanut butter..request from Mom..apparently nothing like it down there.??..and a cor...

Jelly Apples-Help!

by Pat. I 20 years ago

Ok chowhounds. Help out a former Brooklynite. I've developed an unusual craving for jelly apples and I don't know where to get them. I'm not talking about candy or caramel apples. I mean the ones t...

Apple cake recipe

by Andy P. 20 years ago

Hi everybody, Since this is the season of apple harvests around many parts of the U.S., I thought I'd post this recipe, (not my own) for a wonderful apple cake: Prepare: 4 c. diced apples Com...


by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

There was a great article in Saturday's New York Times, still accessible online at the URL below, about the American apple industry, specifically about over-breeding of the Red Delicious strain for...

Gravenstein Apples

by Melanie Wong 21 years ago

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, head up to Russian River Valley in western Sonoma County and grab the end of the season Gravenstein apples. Look for farmstands along HWY 116-Gr...

ISO spiced apple rings in the NY area (Manhattan, Queens or the Bronx)

by deb 22 years ago

They come in a jar and I believe the brand was Comstock. They are perfect for waldorf salad.

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