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An apple a day makes Chowhounds happy. Here's the ultimate guide to the fruit, from apple-picking advice to apple recipes.

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Overpowering Flavors-Apples

by ananana 6 days ago

So I just bought some tamarin/chamoy apples. They're delicious, but the flavor is too powerful for the rest of my fam...

Paprikaboy commented 5 days ago

baking question- why is my apple pie filled with liquid?

by david de berkeley 15 years ago

so i bake an apple pie this weekend for the first time using a simple recipe (joy of cooking). everything looks good...


fashionfevers commented 8 days ago

Recipes with Canned Apples?

by shelbster12 24 days ago

I need help finding recipes to use canned apples, not canned apple pie filling, just apples that have been canned. An...


luvcubs commented 20 days ago

Apple Crumble - Paste

by jounipesonen 2 months ago

Been making apple crumble with the crumble being oats, flour and butter - pinch salt. The crumble beomes 'well-don...


jounipesonen commented 2 months ago

PERFECT apple crisp recipe: does it even exist?

by allisonrenee 2 months ago

Hi everyone! First post on here after much lurking of this site! Okay so Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend and I h...

Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

Great apple strudel in Vancouver?

by Philx 4 years ago

I am looking for a great bakery strudel with a thin crust and some nice spicy notes - more tart than sweet. Anybody h...

grayelf commented 3 months ago

Apple pie with cheese? Really?

by john333 6 years ago

I remember hearing about this as a kid, and didn't really believe it. Do people really eat apple pie with cheese?


fouffie commented 4 months ago

Before I proceed to bake this apple cake...

by NotSoHot 4 months ago

I'm not sure about this recipe that I got from a friend. It's her deceased mother's recipe. I don't know if you'll be...


NotSoHot commented 4 months ago

Pasteurized vs. Unpasteurized Apple Cider

by mels 12 years ago

Can anyone tell me the difference between the two besides the obvious (one is pasteurized, one is not)? A local farm ...


kittysmith commented 4 months ago

Apple pie for Tday?

by Kaymoz 4 months ago

Where can I buy a good apple pie for Thanksgiving with a plain pastry crust? My intention was to order one from Pi...

hill food commented 4 months ago

Apple pick'n and cider in the Bay Area?

by smokymtnlvr 10 years ago

Hi, does anyone knows of a good place to pick your own apples and drink some fresh cider? I am looking for something ...


Samwi commented 5 months ago

Where Can I Find Pink Pearl Apples (or something close)?

by deercoll 6 years ago

Until last week, an apple was an apple in my world. Then I tasted a Pink Pearl Apple (which I bought in Medford, Oreg...


24086tut commented 6 months ago

Apple picking near LA?

by rubigeorge 6 months ago

I've a recent East Coast transplant and my mental clock is itching for fall, which means apple picking among other th...


foodiejb commented 6 months ago

ISO Russet Apples

by toronto guy 6 months ago

Please be on the lookout for the return of Russet Apples Have they appeared where you shop? Thanks in advance ...


toronto guy commented 6 months ago

Gluten Free Rosh Hashonna dessert (apple?)

by Diane in Bexley 6 months ago

Looking for gluten free dessert recipes for the Holidays. Preferably with apples? Thanks for your help!


essingepicure commented 6 months ago

Apples in Guacamole?

by marssy 6 months ago

How you like them apples? Last year the NYTimes added green peas:

512window commented 6 months ago

Replacement Blade for Apple Parer

by Pietime 4 years ago

Hi, I have an antique cast-iron White Mountain apple parer that cores, peels and slices. The blade that slices the a...


snipper commented 6 months ago

Apple brunch?

by rbrbr 7 months ago

I have a ton of apples and would like to use them for brunch this weekend- about 20 people - any ideas? TIA!


Autumm2 commented 7 months ago

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