Antipasti platters overflowing with olives, meats, and cheeses make our heart beat faster. Discuss what belongs on an antipasti plate, find great restaurant antipasti, and ask questions about serving antipasti at home.

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Heading to AntiPasti in White Plains - What to order?

by hellsbells815 12 years ago

Hello chowhounders, I'm heading to AntiPasti in White Plains for my birthday on Friday. I'm going with 5 of my friends for dinner/drinks. I have been dying to check this place out for a while an...

Peniche, Antipasti or BLT White Plains

by nbermas 12 years ago

Which one would you choose for out of town guests who would love fun, good food and a great atmosphere? Or any others you could suggest it will be next Thurdsay evening, Thanks.

Antipasti buffet protocol questions

by glbtrtr 12 years ago

Antipasti buffet protocol questions What is the dining protocol when faced with a large antipasto buffet or cart? Does one take as much or as many as one wants (like I think I would die and go ...

Petaluma: The really good new Raley’s – Local pies, excellent cheese, and great … great … antipasti

by rworange 12 years ago

I was in the nabe and needed a lottery ticket. I’ve been playing those numbers since it started and I wasn’t going to miss a draw. Anyway, Raley’s was there and doing a quick walk around I noti...

Restaurant etiquette - is it necessary to order an antipasti, primi and secondi at an italian restaurant? [Moved from Manhattan board]

by melwic 12 years ago

What is the standard for ordering at restaurants that offer multiple courses? What about at non-italian restaurants that offer first and second courses?

Procedural Question: Antipasti

by andhollis 13 years ago

I (with salivating husband) am planning a March trip to Rome and have been paying close attention to the board as to restaurants with antipasto tables. My question is not so much how to find them b...

Italian antipasti themed meal

by alexa52 13 years ago

I was just invited to a potluck for a friends birthday. A gathering of about 10 women. The birthday girl has asked for an Italian antipasti themed meal. I wanted to know if anyone has some goo...

What makes for a typical antipasta plate?

by nissenpa 14 years ago

I'll be bringing an anti pasta plate to serve before dinner at a friends. What all do I include? This is what I have so far: marinate mozz balls proscuitto roasted red peppers kalamata oliv...

Antipasta tray with pizzaz

by AmblerGirl 14 years ago

I am hosting a holiday open house next weekend and want to put out a visually impressive spread for my guests... something with a little bit of a wow factor but that is not a ton of work. One of t...

Trattoria Toscana Antipasti?

by Taralli 14 years ago

Been a while since we've been, but am trying to steer my students & boss there for lunch on 9/10. We used to preorder mixed platters of Italian cold cuts, mozzar balls, tomatoes & basil, etc., ser...

Lupa's Antipasti

by Desidero 14 years ago

Much of the discussion on this board about Lupa centers around its pasta, and rightly so. I've never been a big fan of the main courses at Lupa and I think that what distinguishes the restaurant f...

Roast Broccoli as Antipasti?

by Oliverstreet 15 years ago

I adore roast broccoli, and want to try to serve it with some little antipasti dishes at a party this weekend. What would be a nice way to dress it up to serve?

Antipasti suggestion needed

by po_boy 15 years ago

Okay, I'm cooking a multi-course Italian meal next week and need a suggestion for a good antipasti. I'm struggling to think of something to fit this criteria: - quick prep start to finish (or q...

Italian? Focus on antipasti, first and/or pasta courses

MB fka MB
by MB fka MB 15 years ago

I'm hoping for some recommendations for an outstanding Italian meal that would consist of grazing on a bunch of smaller plates. I never seem to make it to big second courses anyway and FWIW, I'd r...

Easy Cocktail Hour Antipasti (Photos)

by Chino Wayne 16 years ago

All of the materials for this cocktail party came from the local supermarket, and no heavy duty cooking was involved; everything can be prepared ahead of time. Having absolutely no desire to pay ...

seeking takeout salads/antipasti in Hillcrest, SD

by notjustastomach 16 years ago

I am seeking a source for flavorful salads and antipasti for take-out dinners in the Hillcrest / Mission Hills area. Yes, I know Whole Foods and go there sometimes. But frankly Whole Foods' salads ...

antipasti buffet for twelve - bruschetta vs. crostini

by Petit Pois 16 years ago

I'm hosting a dinner party for my husband's birthday and I thought it would be fun to have a big buffet of antipasti, and then sit down for a second course of lasagne and salad. The only problem is...

Housemade salumi and antipasti at Bovolo, Healdsburg

by Melanie Wong 16 years ago

The butcher's antipasti plate (small, $13.75) was my Sunday supper. What I really was after was the salumi. Bovolo co-owner/chef, John Stewart, who trained under Armandino Batali, breaks down who...

Take away antipasti

by Jake 17 years ago

Where do you find the best take away antipasti in Toronto, besides the obvious Terroni and the Market? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I seem to recall an Italian grocery/deli on St. Cla...

The antipasti at Nonna really is very good

by Ian 17 years ago

Thanks to whomever recommended it last week. We went Saturday night and totally enjoyed Nonna on 85th and Columbus. Didn't stuff ourselves, just had a salad, the large house antipasti and some gr...