The Must-Attend American Beer Fests of 2019

Taking a cue from the world of music, the craft beer industry is currently in a festival frenzy. No matter where you live or the style of beer you prefer, there are a number of sudsy gatherings scheduled...

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American fast-food chains in the UK

by mikefromgeorgia 9 years ago

I really miss Arby's roast beef sandwiches in the U.S. Also, the much larger Pizza Hut lunch buffets in the U.S. Seems a bit puzzling why the McDonald 's in the UK don't offer Angus burgers or gril...

Squeeze Inn | Galt - Hwy 99

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Confession time: I've never been to the iconic Squeeze Inn in Sacramento. Nor to any of the offshoots, such as the Napa branch. Until I landed in Galt last week. http://www.chowhound.com/post/sque...

4th Street Bowl Coffee Shop | Mid-Century Modern in San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

In pursuit of February's DOTM, Loco Moco, I wound up at 4th Street Bowl Coffee Shop last month. http://www.chowhound.com/post/sfba-dish-month-february-2016-loco-moco-1031793

Group Restaurant in San Diego off 405 driving down to Ensenada Mexico

by Stara13 3 years ago

There is a group of 20 of us driving down to Ensenada Mexico for a reunion. About 12 of us are caravanning down at one time. We would love to stop half way before we reach the boarder and have lu...

American sweets/candy/snacks not available in the UK/Ireland?

by appledrank 8 years ago

Hello, I was just wondering what sweets/candy/snacks from America aren't available in the UK. I'm planning on sending a good friend of mine a some food and give her a taste of what we snack on. Sin...

Unique and Memorable Restaurants - Gift Ideas

by jamesornames312 3 years ago

My son who is turning 12 in April wants to go somewhere special for his birthday somewhere in downtown Seattle. He loves burgers or gnocchi so basically American or Italian. He wants to go somewher...

Porcini in Highlands- WOW!!

by sockster 3 years ago

We hadn't been to Porcini in a while and came back last night. I have to say, this was one of the best meals we've had this year!!! The tuna tartar appetizer was perfectly seasoned and the tuna ...

Restaurants near Sofitel Hotel

by bigcuban 4 years ago

Hi everyone, my wife and I are going to be staying at the Sofitel hotel downtown this week. We are not too familiar with the downtown restaurants and we were curious if you all know any good resta...

Cheese, American-style

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

What's new in domestic cheese stylings and some recommendations from Janet Fletcher.

Cadence Preview Dinners [San Francisco]

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Cadence ("Progressive American Cuisine, Culinary Cocktails") is scheduled to open in Mid-Market on January 13. It started doing preview dinners yesterday and will continue through January 12. Four-...

Holiday lunch downtown

by Booboo731 4 years ago

I'm looking for a lunch spot downtown to celebrate the holidays with a special friend. Beef is her favorite or American food. Any great suggestions on an all American fun place in downtown Chicag...

what American candies are not in New Zealand

by monathebanana 4 years ago

I'm sending a friend in New Zealand candy/snacks and i was wondering what candies or snacks do we have that they don't so i could send them to my friend.

American-style hot dogs in London?

by sloepoke 11 years ago

Okay... so, I'm overwhelmed with a Memorial Day homesick craving for a Chicago-style hot dog, but alas, I live in London where I'm struggling to find a frankfurter that fits the bill. Does anyone k...

birthday dinner and other affordable recommendations

by lorrtov 4 years ago

Celebrating the hubs 40th birthday the week of 10/19 in NOLA. I made a reservation at Emeril's for his bday dinner. Is that a good choice for authentic NOLA cuisine? I also have Coquette, K-Paul's...

mom's 73rd birthday

by Boychucker 4 years ago

I haven't been to any of these restaurants but I am thinking of one of these for my mom's birthday in October: Canlis Palisades for brunch or dinner Six seven Aqua Dahlia lounge The Georgian ...

Local/"Hole in the wall" foodie quest

by Rmanila 4 years ago

Hi everybody, This is the first time my girlfriend and I are visiting San Diego. We've always gone to LA since we live in Las Vegas and it's only 4 hours away. We normally go on food quests and ...

"American" goulash -- what's your family's version?

by TorontoJo 7 years ago

iL Divo and I were having fun in another thread talking about authentic Hungarian goulash and porkolt versus the "goulash" our parents made in the U.S. and Canada when we were young. Link to that ...

Gift basket from America?

by Oswin 4 years ago

If you were getting a gift basket of American food, what would you like to see in it? I do realize most American foods can be bought in larger cities, so I'm looking for novelties you might not as ...

Brothers in Brookline - not just for breakfast any more!

by BobB 4 years ago

I had pretty much ignored this new addition to my neighborhood until recently - I'd heard it was good for breakfast but nothing more. I've now eaten there for dinner three times in the past two...