18 of the World's Most Refreshing Summer Drinks

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...


by JMF 7 years ago

I've never tried the arugula based herbal amaro/digestif liqueur Rucolino from Ischia, Italy; but a little old Italian lady next door gave me two HUGE bags of arugula. i blanched it and vac packed ...

Amara Amaro d'Arancia Rossa

by jochaima 5 years ago

Hi Has anyone tried Amara Amaro d'Arancia Rossa? Is it a "soft" amaro like Montenegro, or a stronger style, toward a Campari? Thank you http://www.klwines.com/p/i?i=1218647

Amari and other liqueurs only available in Italy

by versicle 5 years ago

I'm sure there's already a post on this, but I can't find it. What should I be looking for in Rome that I can't get in NYC?

Non-alcoholic alternative to Cynar

by BrassyNova 5 years ago

Now that I've found a way to make a zero-alcohol equivalent to the Aviation, I'm moving on to my next favorite drink: Cynar & soda. This one's stumped me, as Cynar has an elusive and unique aroma ...

My favorite aperitivo

Gustavo Glenmorangie
by Gustavo Glenmorangie 6 years ago

My absolute favorite aperitivo: 3 parts Fino (Manzanilo is better but who's paying that much attention) I like Barbadillo for PQR 2 parts something bitter: Nonino Amaro, Suze (terrific), Amaro ...

Which amaro for cocktails?

by jaba 8 years ago

Astor Wine and Spirits is having a 15% off all amaro today. I have and LOVE cynar. I just picked up some Campari. I've tried Luxardo Bitter and didn't love it in a negroni. What would others...

Campari vs. Cynar cocktail night -- drink suggestions?

by sidecar 11 years ago

I'm hosting a cocktail night at my place this weekend, and am looking to stage a Campari vs. Cynar showdown -- i.e., pairings of cocktails that have parallel ingredients and/or proportions, which w...

what amaro should I try next?

by antimony 8 years ago

I've been slowly trying my way through various amaros (for sipping neat and/or cocktail usage), and I was wondering what I should try next. Some impressions of amaros and other herbal liquors to s...

Amaro as souvenir - advice?

by Wahooty 7 years ago

I have a friend who is currently in Italy (Florence, to be exact, flying out of Rome in a couple of days). I thought it would be nice to have them bring me back an amaro as a souvenir...but have n...

Finding the Right Use for Gran Classico Bitter & Cynar

by patsully 7 years ago

Hi all, long time reader, first time posting. Some suggestions wanted for enjoying Gran Classico Bitter and Cynar. The Negroni is currently my go to drink, but it's been an acquired taste. I hat...


by drewames03 7 years ago

Can anyone suggest a good retail store with an interesting selection within Boston/Cambridge/Somerville?

Amaro Tours?

by alexistristin 8 years ago

Hello My partner and I will be traveling to Naples, Rome, Liguria, Turin and then Milan. We are extremely interested in sampling different types of amari (beyond the usual suspects of Averna, Fe...

Amaro, Aperitifs, Bourbon selection in Boston?

by alittlesomethinsweet 8 years ago

Heading to Boston this week and want to seek out some new treasures. Any suggestions for the best selection of bourbons, vermouths, amaro and aperitifs? I'm looking for some eccentric bottles off...

Best amaro selection in LA area?

by murphlaw152 8 years ago

Averna, Nonino, Meletti, Montenegro, fernets, etc. are all easy for me to find. I'm looking for the more obscure amaros. A friend told me to go to Bar Keeper in Silverlake, but I haven't made m...

where to buy gum arabic, also amaro nonino

by msmouser 8 years ago

Two questions: 1. Where can I buy gum arabic? 2. Where can I buy amaro nonino? in the "greater Lexington, MA area"? Thanks, msmouser

Best Amaro, available in Rome not Chicago

by Pappardelle 9 years ago

I should have posted this question here (as well as on the Italy Board). A friend of mine loves Amari, and she has tried a lot of them. Only a few kinds are available in the Chicago area. I am...

ISO: Luxardo Amaro Abano

by isawpalmetto 10 years ago

I've been looking around for this for awhile. Has anyone seen this at a Wine/Spirits/Beer store in Chicago recently? Seems a lot of cocktails have been using it recently and I really want to try ...

Amaro del Capo in Boston?

by Bugsey34 10 years ago

I am looking to buy Amaro del Capo, a Calabrian after dinner amaro. I can't seem to find it anywhere in Boston, has anyone seen it for sale here?