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Cocktails & Spirits

Read what Chowhounds have to say about distilled spirits—flavors, brands, recipes, recommendations—and share your own boozy insights.

Anyone else use alcohol as cough syrup?

by givemecarbs 10 years ago

So it's three am and I can't stop coughing. My lousy cold that was just a pest earlier has progressed to seismic fits...


davibo commented 7 days ago

Martini pairings and garnishes

by tim irvine 2 years ago

We recently had a bottle of Botanist and used our usual Dolin dry. The result was a little too soft, almost not a ma...

Perilagu Khan

Perilagu Khan commented 9 days ago

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Freezing liqueur-filled chocolate bottles

by somervilleoldtimer 13 days ago

We have a surfeit of those tiny liqueur-filled chocolate bottles, wrapped in foil. Rather than gobbling them all dow...

Why do so many people hate Gin?

by YAYME 7 years ago

As a former Gin hater, I can understand it's bad rap. People say it tastes like christmas tree. I counter that you re...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 15 days ago

Sloe Gin and Creme de Violette...

by Jennifer Luxmoore 8 years ago

No, not together! 2 separate questions... I just tried Sloe Gin the other night and loved it, though it seems ha...


mercurygirl commented 17 days ago


Difference between Whisky & Scotch ?

by joannebenz 10 years ago

Can anybody explain the difference between Whisky and Scotch? Is Johnnie Walker "Whisky" or is it "Scotch"? What abou...


TroyTempest commented 17 days ago

Limoncello Safety

by Lriva 23 days ago

I made Limoncello as holiday gifts. Everyone loves it and no one has been ill, except for one person. She claims a s...


acgold7 commented 20 days ago

Any Single Malt Whisky fans?

by CHSeifert 2 months ago

I’m getting a bit into single malt whisky. I wonder if anyone else in here have some favourites to recommend? ...


shoes commented 24 days ago

Curious about Blackberry Brandy

by frenetica 12 years ago

I am always seeing this behind the counter at cheap liquor stores - what on earth does this stuff taste like?


stevewi commented 25 days ago

Submitted for your approval my newest cocktail: Goblin Milk

by YAYME 1 month ago

'goblin' milk cocktail 1 jigger of Ransom's old tom Gin 1/2 jigger green chartreuse or pine bud liquuer 1 jigger...


YAYME commented 27 days ago

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REVISED Goblin milk cocktail

by YAYME 27 days ago

I was inspired by David Lebowitz's green chartreuse ice cream. Knowing that dairy and green chartreuse go oddly well ...


Stoli Pertsovka Has Anyone been Able to Get it

by theomordha 5 years ago

I have not been able to find Persovka, whether by Stolichnaya nor anyone else, The trendy pepper vodkas which are i...


theomordha commented 28 days ago

Zapopan 100% agave at TJs. Anyone tried it?

by Gustavo Glenmorangie 8 years ago

So, I'm in Trader Joe's at lunch today and there's a new kid on their tequila block. Zapopan, 100% agave blanco and r...


helpermonkey commented 1 month ago

Boozy Sangria, as it's made in Spain (or perhaps used to be?)

by jojojovich 5 months ago

I went to college in Toledo, Spain for a while. One night we went out, and decided, foolishly, to try the sangria at ...


JMF commented 1 month ago

Proportions for Cool Hand Cuke Mocktail?

by hippopotame 1 month ago

We have guests requesting copycat 'Cool Hand Cuke' mocktail from The Henry in Vegas. The menu lists ingredients as Dr...


JMF commented 1 month ago

Finding the right Glühwein recipe, or is it the right wine? Or both?

by magnoliasouth 2 months ago

First off, I apologize for the length of this post. I just wanted to explain so you fully get what my problem is. ...


sr44 commented 1 month ago

If I like Jameson, what else might I like?

by venividibitchy 9 years ago

I tried whiskey for the first time last night -- Jameson, and was pleasantly surprised. I'm typically a gin/tequila/v...


IWgirl commented 2 months ago

Johnnie Walker bottle cap - embarassing question

by LloydG 9 years ago

I'm embarassed to have to ask this, but I see no alternative. I recently bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label...


cyberdude88 commented 2 months ago

What is "it" in "gin and it"?

by Marsha 11 years ago

I have often read in my British detective novels that people would order "gin and it" and I have never been able to f...


stevewi commented 2 months ago

spirit measuring equipment

by splatgirl 5 years ago

I just broke my favorite liquid measuring tool for the bar. HUGE DRAT. It was ~5 ounce borosilicate (lab) glass gr...


mercurygirl commented 2 months ago