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The Irish Times: In 1973, I invented a ‘girly drink’ called Baileys

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 28 days ago

"...The women’s group wasn’t really any more encouraging. One said 'It looks and tastes like Kaolin & Morphine', which was a popular medicine for diarrhea..."

Cask Strength Bourbon?

by zackly 8 months ago

In a case of a little knowledge is dangerous, here goes. Over the last several years I’ve started appreciating bourbon. I’ve probably sampled 50+ different bottles. I prefer bourbon at the strength...

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A good Irish whiskey?

by mstrimel 3 months ago

hi. I just kicked a bottle of something called "The Irishman" and although it wasn't (to me) terrible, I think I'm ready for an upgrade. The main use case is shot-and-beer, with the shot being sip...

Brandy Recommendation, Please

by Wtg2Retire 2 months ago

Will y'all point me in the direction of a decent brandy to use in turkey gravy? I haven't bought brandy in many, many years and have no current knowledge of which brands are good for cooking.


by kaleokahu 2 months ago

I haven't given the subject of cocktail bitters much thought, outside of Angostura, Peychaud's and the like. I'd purchased a couple other flavors, e.g., orange and rhubarb, but I didn't see what a...

Sonoma Distilling Company

by seefoo 3 months ago

i am picking up my holiday booze today. couple of bottles to smooth out the upcoming visits. they make some good stuff. i gravitate towards their Bourbons and Ryes. just a heads up. good s...

Heaven Hill Distillery Workers on Strike More than Six Weeks

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

About 420 members of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 23D have been on strike since its contract expired on September 10. Kentucky has been experiencing a "bourbon boom" with demand increas...

Rum(?) Infusion After-Dinner Liqueur

by klflote 3 months ago

After a wonder French meal recently, the restaurant owner brought out after-dinner drinks of the house specialty infusion. We think he said it was rum-based; it was citrusy (definitely orange and m...

Proof Syrup?

by zackly 4 months ago

Ads for this stuff have been popping up on my Facebook page. As with most over-hyped social media driven products they are either overpriced or poor quality. $32.00 for 16 ounces of simple syrup wi...

Cheaper Substitute for Campari?

by zackly 5 months ago

I use it in mixed drinks and it's pricey. Is there a less expensive alternative? Thanks!

Indian Cocktails

by lgphil 15 years ago

Every month or so, we get together with some friends and have a theme dinner. this month is India. since I can't cook and everyone else can, I am in charge of drinks. Does anyone have so...

Bottled vs Tonic Water From a Gun

by zackly 6 months ago

Why don't more nice restaurants and hotel bars use bottled Tonic Water? The stuff from the guns sucks, sickly sweet and boring. I love a gin and tonic in the summer but if the tonic is out of a gun...

Deuch And Dora

by syrup09 7 months ago

This morning while watching Batman I heard the term Deuch And Dora, (I'm not sure about the spelling.) I wasn't sure if it was real or something the writers mad up, so I looked it up. It's...

SF Gate finally tracked down the origin of San Francisco's love for Fernet-Branca

by patsully 7 months ago

When I moved to San Francisco and found Fernet on tap across the city, I asked a number of bartenders how it came to pass and was told a variety of urban legends, so it's nice to finally read the f...

Where in Northen NJ can I find Vermut from Spain?

by CanisDirus1 12 months ago

Not sure if it's the result of the pandemic but where before it was available I'm seeing not available. Thank you.

Expensive Gin - is it really worth it (to my pallet) ?

by CHSeifert 2 years ago

So I have been buying A LOT of gin over the last year and a half. I think I counted the number of different gin’s I have bought and came close to 45. I’m a strong believer in quality and re...

World's Best Whiskey 2021

by CanisDirus1 8 months ago

WL Weller CYPB http://www.worldwhiskiesawards.com/winner/whisky/2021/worlds-best-bourbon-world-whiskies-awards-2021

Does ANYONE still have Fever Tree Smoky Ginger Ale?

by jumpingmonk 9 months ago

Hi all, I am at my wits end. I have been trying to find someone who still has some of the Smoky Ginger Ale by Fever Tree and can do a mail shipping to New York, where I am (I seem to be having ...

Recommended liquor blogs/sites?

by GrouchoMarxism 7 years ago

Hello folks, I was wondering what blogs, sites, or newsfeeds/streams you might recommend for keeping up on booze news in this day and age. While of course I'm always up to the task of looking so...

Unicum - Zwack

by DoctorChow 10 months ago

Finally found it. Expensive shipping (most of the cost) and only in 500 ml bottles, but available from The Whiskey Exchange, London. This is the original, real thing, not the orange-flavored vers...