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Chowhound Maintenance + Search Index Updates

by patsully 1 year ago

Hi all, We will be deploying some behind the scenes updates around 3 pm PT this afternoon. We don't expect to have to take the site down, but if you see any slowness around this time, this is th...

Forum Issues: email notifications not working and sending private messages

by Citizen_Snips 21 days ago

I used to receive an email whenever someone replied to a thread I created, but the last such email I received was on 2/24/20. Does anyone else still receive email notifications? In my profile s...

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Inappropriate advertising

by meatn3 6 years ago

Really? A banner ad about "chronic constipation"? and if that wasn't enough the same ad appears in a side box further down the thread. And I have done no searches for anything GI related so it's...

Photo Story caption glitch

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Trying to finish this photo story: https://www.chowhound.com/post/ttobongee-korean-style-fried-chicken-pacific-grove-monterey-1095459 After adding in all of the photos and editing in half the c...

I can’t change my avatar

by walker 2 months ago

I tried to change 3 times using 3 different photos; it appears in preview but finally, never changes, stays blank.

site non functioning

by PSRaT 2 months ago

any thoughts/attempts at fixing the site? the eternal pix uploading bug has spread to ordinary replies. it's become essentially not possible to participate anymore....

Display oddity - square not heart for post "likes"

by MidwesternerTT 2 months ago

I've reported this to the help desk but I'm also noting it here in case others are seeing a similar change. What used to be a heart-shape after each post/comment that can be clicked on to indicate...

Photos "uploading" indefinitely

by small h 5 months ago


Please restore this discussion thread

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Removal of this posting has left a hole in the "dish of the month" series on the SF Bay Area board. Please restore it to viewing. https://www.chowhound.com/post/1029528

Safari can't open the page

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

This has been going on for more than a week with the desktop Safari browser. No other site, e.g., online banking, has this issue.

No e-mail notifications

by DonnaMarieNJ 1 year ago

Despite following several threads, I am getting no e-mail notifications. The last one I received was Monday. Can you help?

Why Is Search Case-Sensitive?

by saregama 4 months ago

I just tried to search for an old thread that I knew someone had started or participated in - the username has upper and lower case letters. When I filtered by the name, I got no results - until I ...

Can't edit my profile?

by nuoibenh 4 months ago

Just created an account and I can't seem to edit my profile. Error from my web browser?

Can't edit my profile?

by Tristor 1 year ago

Just created an account and I can't seem to edit my profile. I thought it was something on my side so I had temporarily disabled Pi-Hole and switched to using the latest Google Chrome w/ no extens...

Mute feature requested (opposite of Follow) for a poster

by MidwesternerTT 1 year ago

There are a few CH posters who consistently annoy me with their tone, topics or both. It would be nice to have a "mute" feature offered on their profile that would function opposite of "Follow" - ...

Chowhound Site History for 9/11

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

On the East Coast of the United States, the calendar has already turned to September 11. Each year at this time, I return to our conversations surrounding the terrorist attacks to commemorate the t...

Photos won’t load

by walker 5 months ago

I’ve tried several times but photos won’t load. Topic: David Lebovitz blog.

My Feed not sorting by Latest Reply

by nonaggie 1 year ago

I have "My Feed" set to sort by latest reply, but the posts I'm seeing aren't actually sorted by latest reply (and I can't see any rhyme or reason to how they're sorted). Is this happening to anyo...

Rejected URLs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

I've mentioned before that the URL field on original posts rejects a high proportion of the links I've tried to add there. Here are a couple of recent ones: https://www.icafebakery.com/ https:/...

Boston Board Posts

by BostonLettuce 6 months ago

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see any new posts on the Boston board in 7 days (?)....