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korean-chinese places - just in case

by wonki 21 years ago

just in case some of you aren't using hot posts or aren't reading all the boards all the time, i left a post in the what's my craving board about korean-chinese restaurants in queens you might want...

Lunch near C.W. Post?

by Tara 21 years ago

I got a job there, and, of course, need to eat. The bringing lunch thing isn't really working out too well. What's a girl to do?

Christmas Day meal

by roger 21 years ago

Does anyone know of a good restaurant that will be open on Christmas Day - mid day. My wife is traveling and would like to take her hostess out for Christmas dinner. Please help.

astoria meat products

by fred t. 21 years ago

went shopping the weekend before last to stock up on meals for a coupla guys on an upcoming week long hunt (i'm the designated cook). stopped by "astoria meat products" at 35-09 broadway for the fi...


by Missy 21 years ago

I made a reservation for a small, family dinner at Lusardi's for a Friday night in December because I was closed out of my top 10——no, make that top 50 choices. Has anyone ever been there? It i...

Any Harpoon Winter Warmer available?

by Jim D. 21 years ago

Does anyone know if Harpoon Winter Warmer (a seasonal microbrew) will be available in the NYC/LI area this winter? In years past it was pretty easy to get, but last year there wasn't much to be fo...

Sicilian Food

by brad 21 years ago

I am looking for a restaurant which serves traditional Sicialian food-- pasta con sarde, caponata, pasta alla norma. Too many Italian restaurants claim to be Sicilian but are really just red sauce...


by pat hammond 21 years ago

Finally caught up on the newspapers that had accumulated while I was away. The review in the Times last Wed. about a newish restaurant in the East Village called Prune, sounded intriguing. Has an...

Los Dos Rancheros Mexicanos

by Joe 21 years ago

Being new to this board I post about the above place on 9th Ave. and 38St - although there may have been previous posts on it. Having lived in Mexico (went to the University there for a while) I am...


by reynolds 21 years ago

Training to the Army Navy game from DC next Saturday and want to catch an early (4:30-6:30) meal b/4 heading back. Thinking about the Saloon but with guests from N. Carolina in tow thought about I...

Fairfield County Breakfast

by Frank 21 years ago

I'm looking for a tasty new breakfast place to go with my parents in the Greenwich/Stamford area preferably. I prefer something on the innovative side rather tahn the old greasy usual suspects. W...

Northern Michigan Backcountry

by Pat Rohn 21 years ago

If you go through Prudenville, Michigan, check out 1-2-3 Lake Street. The prime rib is great and so is the chicken cordon bleu. Fresh bread that melts in your mouth and the prices are decent.

Crispy things at (American) chinese restaurants

by Matthew 21 years ago

What do you call those cripsy things they serve at American Chinese restaurants, looks like deep-fried wonton skins ? I've never seen them in China or in the places I eat, but my 96 year old gran...

Village Bring Your Own?

by Averil 21 years ago

I'm looking for an interesting, moderately priced place in the Village that will allow three old friends to linger over good (or even decent) food, and a couple of bottles of wine, which we ourselv...

If you love dessert...

by Jared 21 years ago

Where are some of the best desserts in Manhattan (no, Jim, its not Brother Jimmy's)...the Magnolia Bakery in the West Village. WOW! Has anyone else been there? The cakes are great, but the best ...

New undiscovered restaurant

by Bob 21 years ago

Can anyone tip me off to a really good as yet undiscovered restaurant on the Westside? Johnathan or Tom, you must be hiding something in your hip pocket. Thanks

Boston Report: Biba, Rossini's, Daddy's Roast Beef and Maria's Pastry

by Patrick A. 21 years ago

I just returned from a Thanksgiving holiday that included a couple days in Boston. I crammed as much eating in as I could (which unfortunately did not include a return trip to the fantastic Taiwan ...

ukrainian food

by emc 21 years ago

I have a desire for good home style Ukrainian/Polish food in NYC or the surrounding burroughs. Please tell me where to find such great food.

Steak au Poivre

by Jake Klisivitch 21 years ago

Okay, I checked the boards, searched a number of terms, and found almost nothing on this dish, so here goes: Where's the best Steak au Poivre in NYC? Keep in mind, please, that I like my sauce wi...

The Ear Inn

by Susan 21 years ago

Going to the theater on Greenwich St. btw. Carlton and Van Dam, and am looking for an inexpensive, casual pre-theater dinner. A friend suggested the Ear Inn. Does anyone have any opinions about t...

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