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Le Cirque

by algumby 21 years ago

Having lunch at Le Cirque on Saturday. Any suggestions for appetizers/entrees? I know all about J. Torres and the desserts, but have less knowledge of S. Khunn and the food being served after Da...

Suggestions for Jean Georges

by Brian Paulsen 21 years ago

I have dinner reservations for tonight with my mother and my wife. I stopped by the restaurant on Saturday to check out the menu and I have a quick question... Would you recommend getting the ...

Frankfurt, Munich

by Aleece 21 years ago

I am taking a trip to Europe in a month and would really appreciate any recommendations for Germany. (I go with great trepidation--I'm not familiar with German cuisine, and what I have sampled h...

Bakersfield, CA Recommendations?

by george osner 21 years ago

The recent posts on Basque in Bakersfield remind me that I will be attending a conference in Bakersfield in about 3 weeks--anyone have any other "must-munch" recommendations?

Great brunch

by lori myers 21 years ago

Where should we go for a fabulous brunch on a Sunday morning. We NOT want to have to dress up and we DO want a place that takes reservations. Also we do NOT want a buffet. Thanks! We are so look...

Bo Ky

by Patrick 21 years ago

Does anyone ever eat at Bo Ky, the Vietnamese soup place on Bayard St. in Chinatown? I ate lunch there today for the first time in a year and was bowled over, as usual, by the deliciousness. T...


by Michael 21 years ago

I passed by Tindo (1 Eldridge St.) many times, always thinking "this place is interesting and I should check it out some time" and never doing so. Last Monday, I finally went, and noticed that a...

Montague Street

by Chris E. 21 years ago

Today I found myself on Montague St. in Brooklyn Heights at dinner time, and as has been my usual experience there, nothing looked particularly interesting or inviting. Anyone have any favorites...


by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

For Thanksgiving, a big group of my family members (18 people!) is going to stay at Kutscher's, in Sullivan County. I've never been there; can anyone who has give me advice re: the food there? ...

peking duck

by adrienne 21 years ago

I did the obligatory search on the site but to no avail. Does anyone have a good recommendation for Peking duck? Many thanks in advance.

Ice Cream on LI

by Hubey Plummer 23 years ago

So....do great small family owned and run ice cream parlors still exist on the island? Particularly in central Nassau? Sort of the brewpub of ice cream places? Where can I go on a hot day for...

Good Armenian Restaurant?

by Joe D. 21 years ago

Since the demise several years ago of the Balkan Armenian (which was near 19th and Lex) and the years before that The Dardenelles on University Place, I have not been able to find good Armenian ...

Cafe' Greco - 2nd Avenue

by BillL 21 years ago

Went to dinner yesterday to Cafe' Greco on 2nd Avenue in the 70s. There were 6 of us for dinner and the restaurant was very crowded when we ate. The staff was pleasant but really suffered from a...

Italian delicacies wanted

by steve d. 21 years ago

A friend of mine sent me the following, and I thought I'd pass it along to fellow chowhounders who know more about Italian cuisine and where to find it than I: Query: Anyone know where one can g...

Picnic on Irving Place

by Susan T. 21 years ago

Does anyone know what happened to Picnic, the takeout spot on Irving Place (at 17th St.)? Did it move? Went by there yesterday and it was empty. I'll miss it; their beet/walnut/endive salad and ...


by Per Miljeteig 21 years ago

Where in NYC could one get a decent tiramisu? This city, so full of great (and notsogreat) italian food, still has not managed to show up some real tiramisu. During four years of sampling (in th...

Montrachet and La Caravelle

by judith 21 years ago

Would appreciate comments re your experience re food, service, decor at these restsaurants - if you have eaten at both and had to choose between them which would you choose for anniversary celeb...

Czech & Slovak Fest?????

by Richard Beyers 21 years ago

What jerk-off took off the posting about the Czech & Slovak Festival in Astoria before I could copy down the info? Put it back, please!

A new find in Astoria

by Bea 21 years ago

Had lunch today at Esperides, 37-01 30th Avenue - excellent - recommend the sampling of cold appetizers, the grilled Portobello mushrooms and cheese and the Saganaki with mussels. Next time wil...

Co. Clare, Ireland

by Siobhan Mulroy 21 years ago

I'd like to recommend two places - both near Lahinch, Co. Clare, Ireland. The first is the Black Oak, on the road between Quilty and Lahinch. Wonderful four-course, prix fixe menu for 20...

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