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Chinese Greens (formerly NY Noodletown)

by Dan Silverman 21 years ago

I've just joined the chowhound pack and am a bit surprised that I don't see any messages, reviews, etc. about NY Noodle Town, located on the Bowery @ Bayard. I've been going for years and I belie...

Good Burgers - UES or UWS

by Judith 20 years ago

any suggestions on where to find a really good hamburger - preferably on the upper east or west sides?

Where to Eat Near Lincoln Center

by Judith 20 years ago

Any suggestions? We are looking for good food - something not too expensive.

Allison on Dominick

by Peter 21 years ago

Four times a year my wife and I splurge on dinner. After trying Allison on Dominick, we have added it to our list. The food is French (msotly). I had Mustard Crusted Short Ribs, which were...


by Judith 20 years ago

I believe this is an italian restaurant in the West. 60's - has anybody eaten there? If so, reactions?

Peanut Butter

by Bev 20 years ago

Hi- does any one know of the peanut butter restaurant in NYC speializing in what els- PB&J??? I'd love to find out where it is- Bev


by Joanne 21 years ago

Has anyone tried he restaurant called Sur on Smith Street in Brooklyn? Like to know about it.

Modern Pastry Shop, Boston

by aajay 20 years ago

Try the Sfogliatelle-- the best in the world! And much more difficult and complicated to make than cannoli!

Getting psyched for Indonesia . . .

by christina z 20 years ago

On July 29th I'm leaving for a month-long journey throughout Indonesia (remote locations mostly). What culinary adventures should I seek out or expect? I've done my reading but would like to hear ...

best trendy, fushion or lo fat restaurants in NY

by Joost Jongbloed 21 years ago

Hello everybody, I am from Holland and, together with some business friends, I will pay a visit to New York soon. My question to all of you is "What are the most trendy, fushion or lo fat restau...

Berkeley Bar & Grill (a bust?)

by christina z 20 years ago

So far I haven't heard anything good about Drew Nieporent's latest venture. If you've dined at Berkeley Bar & Grill, please comment. Thanks. cz

Superlative Ice Cream

by Barb H. 20 years ago

Whoever it was that posted about the ice cream now offered by the Egg Farm Diary: thank you, thank you and thank you. That finally got me to pay them a visit and it was wonderful. We tasted a ...

Calle Ocho & Upper West Side

by Dave Feldman 20 years ago

The Friday NY Times made a fairly good case for the upper west side not being an execrable restaurant region anymore. I'm inclined to agree. Just had another wonderful meal at Calle Ocho las...

tavern onthe green

by sally 20 years ago

who can tell me someth8ing about tog chef,type offood costis it worth trying

Rhinebeck Legend Transmogrified

by Steven Cangemi 21 years ago

A couple of Fridays ago, I headed to La Parmigiana for dinner, like I do on countless Friday evenings. While my back was turned, they went through a complete make over, including the name. Now...


by T. 20 years ago

Now I must go on record to indicate not being a "candyfile" by any stretch of anyone's imagination ! I tend to believe however that in most of us, along with racial memory, some primal pleasur...


by Jeff Heller 20 years ago

Can anyone recommend restaurants in Brooklyn and/or Queens for serious crabbing. There used to be one, which had a billboard in downtown Brooklyn. Or did I dream it? Thanks.

kaffir lime leaves

by steve viterali 20 years ago

Does anyone know where I can pick up some fresh lime leaves in ny/nj area? (preferably in Queens/central Jersey)


by Renee 20 years ago

Best Italian or American restaurant in Stanford or Greenwich?

Thai Cafe in Greenpoint

by Richard Beyers 20 years ago

Has anyone been to the Thai Cafe on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint in recent weeks? I go off and on to pick up take-out and everytime I go the place seems more and more crowded. While this usual...

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