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OFOE w/ onions on rosemary toast

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OFOE w/ onions on rosemary toast
1 serving Easy
Total: Active:
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Ingredients (6)

  • two eggs
  • cheddar cheese (something good, aged, not too sharp or it'll overpower the egg and onion... don't skimp here)
  • rosemary bread (again... don't skimp)
  • red onion
  • unsalted butter
  • salt & pepper
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OFOE (open faced, over easy)… One of my favorites… So good you might have to have wine with breakfast.

If it’s a nice morning and you have a comfortable setting, eat it outside and eat it slowly (because you’re not an animal).

After a couple of attempts, this is 10 minutes tops.

Mis en place (pronounced: meez on plas – put in place… it’s french) will help you nail this dish and eat it hot.


  1. 1Get all your ingredients out.
  2. 2Ready a few slices of onion.
  3. 3Ready several slices of cheese.
  4. 4Ready a large slice of bread (about a half inch think). Cut it in half now or after toasting.
  5. 5Ready a nonstick pan or other cooking surface with butter over medium heat. Not too hot here is key for making the dish look a little nicer (eggs that aren’t browned with burned butter). If you miss it for the looks, don’t worry about it. It’ll still be good unless you really go insane on the heat.
  6. 6Throw on the onions and sautee a couple minutes. We’re going for a softening not a full carmelizing here. Add a pinch of kosher salt (you don’t use table salt any more because it’s trash and now you’re aware… and with awareness comes responsibility).
  7. 7Put the bread in the toaster so it’s ready for the egg when the time comes (this is an important step for melting the cheese nicely in the end).
  8. 8Move the onions to the side of the pan. With the bread toasting, crack the eggs onto the cooking surface. A little salt and ground pepper (that’s what you use now because you’re a 212er and you care about the details).
  9. 9Get your plate ready next to the pan (meez, remember?).
  10. 10Once the egg whites have firmed up, flip the eggs (splitting them with your spatula if they’ve joined together in the pan), and salt and pepper them a little. If you break a yoke in the flip, I’d keep going as too not waste the egg but it won’t be as good without the runny over easy texture dripping out and soaking into the bread after you cut it. If you break both yokes, I might still eat it but I’d be very frustrated and it would probably ruin my entire day (maybe even the week).
  11. 11The toast should pop by now. Cut it in half if you didn’t do it before toasting it. Put it on the plate and place the thin cheese slices (good cheese, remember… not too sharp though) on the toast. Top it with the onions from the pan.
  12. 12Place the (hopefully) over easy eggs on the pieces of toast and let it sit a minute or so so the hot eggs start melting the cheese.
  13. 13More pictures here.
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