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Chubby Mama's Beer Braised Pork Belly & Seared Eggs

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Chubby Mama's Beer Braised Pork Belly & Seared Eggs
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Ingredients (8)

  • 1.5 Pound of Pork Belly
  • 8 Hard Boiled Eggs
  • 1/2 Can of Blue Moon Beer
  • 8 slices of ginger
  • 2 pieces of Chinese Rock Sugar (adjust depending on sweetness desired)
  • 3 Scallion
  • 1/2 cup of Soy Sauce (adjust depending on color and saltiness desired)
  • pinch of Salt (adjust depending on saltiness desired)
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My Shanghainese Mama always makes this dish for me. So I’ve been eating pork belly way before this trend started. Her soy/beer braised pork belly always reminds me of my childhood. She also adds a special touch of adding seared hard boiled eggs, searing eggs is unique and I’ve never seen anyone else do them. Though the eggs are optional, they are highly recommended.


  1. 1

    PREP WORK: PORK BELLY cut into cube pieces with skin intact. Bring to boil in water. Then wash in cold water to remove the foam that surfaces from boiling.
    Add oil and ginger in pan, seared for a couple minutes in high heat.

  2. 2
    ADD SCALLIONS, BEER. The beer tenderizes the lean meat, so it’s better than adding water. Scallions are also added at this point. Bring it boil in high heat.

  3. 3
    ADD SOY SAUCE, SALT: A generous amount of Superior Quality Dark Soy Sauce adds good color, since it isn’t as salty, you can add salt according to taste. Turn the heat down to low, cover it and cook for about 25 minutes.

  4. 4
    ADD CHINESE ROCK SUGAR: Add a piece of chinese rock sugar. For braising, this not only gives the dish sweetness but also a shine. Cover again and let it continue cooking in low heat. While this keeps braising.

  5. 5
    OPTIONAL PREP WORK: HARD BOILED EGGS have been pre-cooked. Grab a fork and make holes all around. Seare them in a pan with oil, making sure all sides gets golden brown. Then dunk them into the pot with the pork.

  6. 6
    LET IT BRAISE: After the eggs are added. Covered it again, and… let it braise, let it braise. Usually for another 20-30 minutes. (The total cooking time from beginning to end should be about 60-90 minutes or until the liquid has been mostly absorbed and the pork is tender).

  7. 7
    SERVE over hot fluffy white rice
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