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Zuni Chimay braised short ribs report


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Zuni Chimay braised short ribs report

Carb Lover | Oct 31, 2005 01:01 PM

Sorry, no picture this time. I was too busy hosting and eating. Quick report to say that the Zuni braised short ribs (recipe linked below) were very tasty and Zuni-licious! Super easy to make and will be even more welcomed on a really cold evening (well, as cold as possible in coastal CA!).

I don't think this version is vastly superior to other short ribs I've made, but two things I loved: the mustard glaze that's broiled on top as a final touch and the braising liquid which had so many onions and NO carrot, celery, or tomato paste that it tasted like a rich French onion soup by the end. Made for a lovely loose gravy for the ribs and the celery root and potato puree I served alongside. For the puree, buttermilk was a great addition instead of heavy cream. I think a refined colcannon would be great for an accompaniment next time since it includes kale. Anyone have a great recipe for colcannon?

What I would change for next time: Use mostly Chimay and maybe just a touch of broth. The honey grain flavors from the ale were too muted IMO. I will also add a trickle of cider vinegar and maybe a couple of star anise to the braising liquid. I also screwed up by letting it simmer too hard since I was busy w/ other cooking. I didn't realize that it should have been at the gentlest of simmers til I reviewed the recipe after the fact. It still was very tender and tasty after 2.5 hours, but I think a constant gentle simmer would have made it more evenly tender and succulent. Great braising takes some care and finesse, so "set it and forget it" isn't best. Happy braising!

PS. Make sure to buy the short ribs that are cut across the bone into flat bands (my butcher labels them English cut) as opposed to the plate cut w/ just one rib on the side.

Link: http://www.miseblog.com/2003_01_19_mi...

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