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Zokku Happy Hour (in Sacramento) -better sushi, still poor service


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Zokku Happy Hour (in Sacramento) -better sushi, still poor service

vinovert | Feb 17, 2006 01:13 PM

I believe in redemption, particularly if drinks and sushi can be had for 1/2 off. Thus, i took my own advice and tried Zokku's for their happy hour (3 to 6 pm). I am glad I went, for the most part.

Beers on tap, including Kirin, were $2.32 for a large mug (20 oz?) Sushi selections were limited, like unagi (2 for $2), maguro or sake (salmon) (2 for $2.50), tai or albacore (2 for $2.25). Rolls included the spicy tuna ($3.25), the ubitquitous California roll ($3), the Hawaill Roll (Ca roll with tobiko-$3.25), and the philly roll (salmon with cucumber and cream cheese - $3.75). Hand rolls offered were the spicy tuna, the rainbow (with three types of fishes) and a cucumber roll (all for $2.50.)

Except for the tai, the fish quality was good to very good. Tuna quality was uneven, but heck i understand that they have to use the whole fish and this was 1/2 price happy hour.

Another plus point: Unlike last time when we ordered the specialty rolls, these rolls came off much better without the detracting sauces and offered cleaner flavors. The oils from the hamachi, tuna, and salmon combination in the rainbow handroll made for a very rich and flavorful moutthful. We also tried the Hawaii roll and the spicy tuna roll. Alas, most sushi places are using the fake crabmeat in their California rolls and Zokku is not different. However, at $3 (discounted) for a large roll, they really don't have an economic choice. Still, i would rate it average.

The spicy tuna roll was made with the red pepper flakes rolled on the topside of the roll -- a different take than some, but still one which allows you to get the tuna flavors first before the red pepper kicks in. We also ordered the unagi (eel) sushi, and it was very good.

And now the bad: They really need to train their servers who still don't know which sushi is which and who obviously have little or no service experience. On this occasion, they mixed up an order, did not follow up on a request made twice, and then charged me for something I did not get, which i did not discover until i paid for it and left. They can also be slow as well. But, they were friendly.

In sum, a good place for happy hour, assuming you are ok with the limited selection, the spotty service, and remember to check your check for overcharges.

They also validate for parking in the downtown garages.

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