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Yogurt Lounge (San Diego) report


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Yogurt Lounge (San Diego) report

daantaat | Jul 26, 2008 07:52 PM

We stopped here after stuffing our faces with naeng myung and grilled mackerel tonight, mostly because the large sign said “self-serve” and were curious how it would compare to Yogurt World. Good news—it’s a worthy alternative to Yogurt World!

We got plain (tart), green coconut, green tea, chocolate and peach topped with mochi.

Texture is a little creamier than Yogurt World. Reminds me of Red Berry or Pinkberry’s texture.

Plain is mildly tart, more like Red Berry’s. I prefer more acid, therefore, Yogurt World’s plain wins out here.

Green tea was pleasant tasting, not too grassy. I usually don’t get green tea at Yogurt World but from what I remember, Yogurt World’s is milder tasting. Both flavors are good, can’t say one is necessarily better than the other.

Green coconut—nice “young” coconut flavor, very similar to Yogurt World. It almost seemed like they used the same vendor for this one.

Chocolate—good, smooth milk chocolate flavor. Virtually indistinguishable from Yogurt World’s.

Peach—a light, fresh, peachy flavor. Definitely not tart like Yogurt World’s. I prefer more tart and zing, so Yogurt World’s wins in this category.

Mochi—same nice little balls of suama mochi.

Between the two, I'd say they're pretty similar in flavors for what we got. Yogurt World gets the edge for its tart flavors, though. Still haven't found another yogurt place that isn't afraid to give that zing and refreshing "bite" to its tart flavors.

Other comparisons:
Price—both places are 38 cents/oz. Get a frequent flyer card and get your 8th cup for free. Minimum weight is 4 oz to get a credit on the card.

Both places are self-serve and have the same number of flavors. The flavors are similar to Yogurt World. Tonight they also had taro, mango, passionfruit, strawberry, vanilla, cheesecake, blueberry (?) and a few others I’m forgetting.

Yogurt Lounge’s machines are newer and easier to use. They aren't as "stiff" as Yogurt World's.

Yogurt Lounge has a nice long cafeteria-style bar of toppings, divided into cereals/chocolate chips/nuts/candy pieces/etc and fresh fruit//boba jellies/lychees/Asian topping sections. The big plus is that it cuts down the crush of people at the end of the line getting toppings like at Yogurt World.

Atmosphere: Yogurt Lounge was much cleaner (granted, it wasn’t a zoo like Yogurt World can get) around the machines and toppings area. It was also quieter—no blaring music. They have a flat screen tv above the machines, free WiFi and board games. Outdoor and indoor seating.

Best part: PARKING!!! Since it’s in the same strip mall as Pho T Cali and Tea Station, there is an abundance of parking and none of the “I’m about to run over someone and/or hit someone’s car” getting in and out of the lot.

Located on Clairemont Mesa Drive in the Ethan Allen/Pho T Cali/Tea Station strip mall across from 99 Ranch.

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