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Yay! Packaged, processed....?????

sandylc | Mar 30, 201201:53 PM

Hubby came home from a business event last night with a "gift bag" of packaged foods. Included were a can of soup, a bag of shack mix, a fruit roll-up-type thing, a fiber bar thing, and some cereal.
We eat little processed food and are ingredients-readers. Mostly we eat food made from scratch.

Since these things were free, we decided to taste them. Here are the results:

The soup - Oh, my, does this soup smell bad. After tasting it and rejecting it due to bad/artificial taste, saltiness, and weird texture, we put it down the disposer. Hubby is currently opening the windows (even thought it is 50 degrees outside) to try to rid the house of the terrible smell.

The snack mix - This was the most edible of the group, but we ate only a little because we realized we would soon need a gallon of water to quench the thirst it would produce with its overly flavored- and sodiumed-up-ness.

The fruit roll-up thing - I have never tried this type of thing and never will again by choice. Had a nice nail-polish-remover-finish.

The fiber bar - So this is what gives "fiber" a bad name! A very odd-tasting thing, indeed!!

How about all of you scratch-cookers/bakers - have you any reports of what you've found in processed food land?

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