General Discussion 82

All y'all who try to force yourself to like something...Why?

filth | May 21, 200803:58 AM

I was reading the chocolate thread and remembered the thread(s) on getting to like other foods that are "acquired" tastes or perhaps you just personally find unappealing.

Why do you try?

I can only think of a couple of rational reasons and even then, they're pretty highly interrelated.

1. It's a common food and you don't want to be a bother to someone who is cooking for you or eating with you at a restaurant. Example...onions.

2. You live (or have moved) to a region where that food is served often. Example, if I moved to Lebanon, I better learn to like lamb a little more. Or fish in Japan.

The not so rational one is...It's considered foodie or cool.

What say ye?

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