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E & J XO Brandy - Gross and undrinkable

rworange | Feb 2, 201206:55 PM

I'm not a brandy drinker. I often use the regular E & J to brandy cherries or ... as in the past month to lace coffee or tea when I have a cold.

When I saw the bottle of XO on sale for $11.99 I thought I'd give it a try.

it is like drinking brandy laced with a bottle of imitation vanilla and the dregs of a molasses jar. I did a quick search to see if anyone else on the web disliked this brandy. This guy says it well

"After a first inviting bloom of aroma, you quickly notice something odd: the scents and tastes are off. What is that?... it took a while, vanilla? No...Maple syrup! An odd taste of maple syrup, with unexpected aftertaste of bitter bite, and lacking in low- and midrange roundness.
Curious, I let a tablespoon dry out in the glass overnight. You get a dark, syrupy, sweet, burned, unpleasant smelling residue, like cheap fake maple syrup, with undertow of off burned taste.'

IMO, avoid.

i bought a bottle of the VSOP today since I haven't tried that one either. It is a little smoother than the VS but not that much different.

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