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Today we compare and contrast three ply SS Sauce pans and Stock pots.

So as I mentioned before my wife and I are trying to eat at home more and as such we are upgrading/replacing a lot of our cookware and kitchen tools. I have purchased the saute and fry pans we want and now we are turning to the sauce pots and our stock pots.

So we currently have 3 sauce pans. 2.5 quart, 3.5 quart and 4.5 quart. Also a 6 quart Le Creuset ECS soup pot and a 12 quart stock pot. The sauce pans and stock pot are simple Vollrath spun aluminum single layer pots with matching lids that I got from the local restaurant supply. We will keep the Le Creuset piece even though it does not match the other pieces of Le Creuset ECI we have colorwise.

We want to replace those four other pieces with similarly sized pieces of multi-ply stainless steel lined cookware. Preferably stainless exterior and interior with an aluminum core. Given that all of these pieces are basically going to be cooking water with various ingredients suspended in said water, I do not see the need for 5 or 7 ply like AllClad D5 and D7 or Demeyere Atlantis and 5-Plus. So I am leaning towards three ply construction. I do want the inner core to extend the full sides of the pieces to help maintain an even temperature from top to bottom while cooking.

I have narrowed my choices down to three that are all quite different in ways but all are three-ply stainless interior and exterior with a full aluminum core, riveted handles, a rolled pour lip and all three are oven and dishwasher safe. We have an electric stove so no worry about induction compatibility.

First is the the tried and true classic: AllClad D3 Stainless
Hard to argue against with the exception of price. But Made in the USA, Lifetime Warranty and widely available. Also should be able to find most pieces on sale if I am patient.

Second is a return to the restaurant supply: Vollrath Tribute Cookware.
Made in the USA, Lifetime Warranty, Ergonomic handles with Heat resistant silicon sleeves and if I have a problem I just carry it to my local supplier and they hand me a new one if they have it in stock. Caveat, it is al a carte so you have to get lids separately which drives the price slightly over the similarly sized AllClad pieces.

Third, and this is the one I am leaning towards and the one that I am guessing most folks here will have an opinion on: Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless.
Tri-ply full wall construction, 18/10 stainless, riveted handles, Lifetime warranty. Less than a third of the cost of AllClad even when at full price. Only difference from the other two at first glance, Made In China.

There are a handful of negative reviews of the Cuisinart cookware online here and there. Mostly seem to be related to the rivets showing pitting and corrosion when the pot is used to cook acidic (tomato or vinegar heavy) foods. And these reports are sporadic and differing. Some suggest that the folks that are seeing the worst of this corrosion possibly wound up with a counterfeit pot or are actually using a lower grade of Cuisinart cookware and mistake it for the MultiClad Pro. As I said before, these are going to go in the dishwasher so if there was really aggressive problems with corrosion and pitting on the rivets I would be concerned, but I cannot find solid convincing evidence that this is happening.

So here we are. I want to hear your opinions good, bad and ugly. Convince me that I would be a fool to get the Cuisinart instead of the AllClad. Or if you have another option that meets the criteria set forth let me hear it. My mind is not set on any of these but the argument will have to be fairly strong given the price differential between the Cuisinart and the other brands. (I have attached a spread sheet with the pieces in all three of the lines I have mentioned including prices.)

Thanks in advance. I am off to clean and begin the seasoning process of my Mauviel fry pan that came yesterday finally!


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