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worried about traditional vietnamese recipe - calls for salted pork to be left outside refrigerator

ddhirlahelix3hound | Jan 17, 2012 10:47 AM

When it comes to traditional recipes, I'm usually not squeamish if it doesn't mesh with western sensibilities about "safe eating", after all if people from that culture didn't die from eating it why should I?

But this one recipe is kind of scary for me. I'm Vietnamese and my mom was teaching me to prepare this traditional rustic dish that involves leaving pork outside of the refrigerator for weeks! Of course it is cooked first and then submerged the entire time in a salty brine, but still..I'm worried

Basically (without getting into details, SO DON'T USE THIS AS A RECIPE) you choose pork with a thin layer of fat and skin intact, clean it and remove all hair and then boil it, dunking it into cold water once cooked to retain a nice color. Separately on the stove you dissolve sugar in fish sauce in a 1:1 ratio (alongside a bunch of spices such as star anise, ginger, etc.) and wait until cool before pouring over the pork (so it's fully and generously submerged) in a glass jar, and use something to press the meat down and then keep the lid shut airtight. Apparently you're supposed to keep it outside of the fridge for 1-2 weeks for best taste (after which you slice it thinly and serve it in fresh spring rolls). Some people fry it before slicing.

Am I being paranoid or is this dangerous?

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