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recent winners from a boston transplant

black bean can | May 18, 2009 04:05 PM

Hi folks,

We recently moved to seattle from boston, and are getting used to the food landscape.
I'm a little surprised at the low volume on CH, given what appears to be a higher food nerd density. Is there some other forum that is more popular?
But more about food:

Some places we've eaten in the last couple of months that have been good:
(And I know the regulars are rolling their eyes about some of these --- just trying to inject some more data into the system...)

Alladin Gyro-cery in U district: Lamb sandwich.

Araya: lunch buffet -- a good way to get some vegetables. Dinner - more put together.

Pagliacci: I might get razzed for this, but I've found it to be totally acceptable delivery pizza.
I liked the margherita. Also I appreciate that they have logistics down.

Jack's tapas: I'm not sure the region (Some of the dishes seemed taiwanese..) , or why it's called tapas or cafe, but the eggplant basil hooked me up. ALso the green hot sauch with chiles and fermented black beans. Hand cut noodles were good too. I think one of the specials menus never changes and should just get printed up as a menu...

Galway arms: Burger + beer. I like a high food quality to ambience ratio, and this is off the chart with what I think has been the best burger so far, the second diviest atmosphere so far. (first is the blue moon...) Fried fish was also well fried, but more of a batter style than I like.

Sitka + spruce: Simple preparations, good ingredients. We had some apps and drinks standing at the "bar", and the menu lends itself well to getting a few small plates to share.

Tilth: Pretty awesome. The standout was a smoked bean dish that we ordered as filler. Maybe too nice service and atmospere for my liking.

rancho bravo taco truck on 45th: Pretty solid. Not sure why, but no one seems to put beans on a torta by default here. Also I haven't seen al pastor on as spit.

salumi: porchetta (duh...)
Paseo: roast pork sandwich. messy and a bit sweet, but delicious. Beans and rice: meh.

Seattle deli: pork banh mi (and the other ones in a one block radius. All pretty good)

Green leaf:; their marinated mushrooms were particularly amazing.

Overall observations as a boston transplant
Grocery store sticker shock. Where's a market basket when you need one?
expensive low-end food -- sandwiches etc.
(A lot of mediocre $6 sandwiches)
Even bad coffee is better here.
Farmer's markets are a whole different scale.

Ethiopian on Cherry... sorry, I forget which ones but so far all good!

Things I'm missing and would love to find if they exist here, though I know I should learn to love Seattle's unique offerings as well:

Brazilian by the pound
a cheap steamed tortilla burrito (A la anna's/boca/felipe)
Greek. At first I thought I was in luck seeing "olympic" this and that, but no, those aren't greeks.
the gyro at pike place was pretty good though.
Turkish (brookline family....)
Low end Indian
budget Puerto Rican (izzy's)


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