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Wine Service at Houston's -- Weird Experience


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Wine Service at Houston's -- Weird Experience

Snoopy | Sep 28, 2009 11:11 AM

Ate at Houston's in Los Angeles this weekend. Normally, I order wine by the glass there as my husband likes beer, but this time we got a bottle. Waiter brings it over and asks if we've had it before. We say yes. Waiter says, "oh, then you don't need to taste it." I explain that we should still taste it to make sure it's okay. He says, "well, if it's not okay, we better call our distributor." I explain that every now and then a bottle goes bad and that cork is a natural product and sometimes something goes wrong. Waiter proceeds to pour w/o letting us taste. He then attempts to stuff the cork back into the bottle. As he is struggling, I tell him to leave it out that I want the wine to open up. I look around and notice other tables with the corks back in the bottle. I didn't say anything as I knew my husband and our guest would be uncomfortable, but am I off base in thinking this was poor service? I eat out a lot and have never had wine service like that. The rest of the service was fine. I think the guy was just inexperienced.

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