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Wine "mark-up"


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Wine "mark-up"

Funwithfood | Jul 9, 2004 11:30 AM

It is a "pet-peeve" of mine that I can buy a bottle of really nice wine for $25 at a wine shop, and pay $80 for the same bottle at a restaurant.

I realize that everything has a mark-up, but a $2 bottle of beer sold for $6 is not the same as a $55 mark up for one customer for one meal.

Aren't we paying retail for the wine from the wine shop (100% mark-up). So, when we go to a restaurant we are paying retail on top of retail *plus*.

Most food expenses are not readily apparent to customers (like how much they paid for their fish, etc.). But when we can so visibly see how we are being overcharged, why do we put up with it and continue to pay $80 for a bottle of wine that cost the owner only 20% of that cost? Wine is neither highly perishable, nor scarce.

Does anyone elso share my frustration with this?

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