Another wine club question - especially regarding Bonny Doon


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Another wine club question - especially regarding Bonny Doon

ns538bmk | Nov 27, 2006 12:38 AM

In general, how many varieties should I expect to get in a case of wine (12 bottles) from a wine club?

Background - we joined the Bonny Doon DEWN wine club last August, while on a trip to California. We live in Massachusetts which doesn't usually permit wine shipments but they assured us they had made the proper arrangements. We had no membership paperwork and never received any email or regular mail regarding our membership - in hindsight that seems odd to me (and I am usually kind of anal about that stuff, but maybe the 10 wines we tasted at their tasting room that day had something to do with it... ).

We did get our wine shipment a little over two weeks after our credit card was charged for it. It contained 6 bottles of Rose of Pinot Noir and 6 bottles of Puglia. We liked the Puglia and fortunately my mother liked the Rose (we are not Rose drinkers).

Do other wine clubs only ship 2 varieties for a 12 bottle shipment? I was expecting maybe 3 x 4? Or 4 x 3?

Clearly I didn't do my homework at the time. Should we stay with Bonny Doon? They are apparently changing their operation drastically from what I have read on Chowhound, would it make sense to stick with them and maybe get some fabulous new wines, or cut it off now? Again, being from Massachusetts kind of puts us in a tough spot.


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